Sailor Moon Games

35 Responses to “Sailor Moon Games”
  1. bella Says:

    i really want to watch sailor moon

  2. Michelle Says:

    Y isn’t sailor moon still on it was the best show EVER ! ! ! ! !

  3. Angel Says:

    Michelle….. dat aint no lie dis was da best show ever made mados dred i just wish that they could put it back on dred………… u only can watch it on da cpu and it aint no fun at allll beyyyy i REALLY LUVVVVVVVVVV DIS SHOW

  4. kristalee Says:

    this is so cool but it rocksssssssss is even better .
    Im am sitll thinking about the dress games i hope i can get in the club of sailor moon.

  5. Morgan Says:

    sailor moon was soooooo awesome I wish they would put it back on!!!!!!!!!!!
    E-mail me @

  6. Becky Says:

    I know its such a bummer, i wish they could bring it back on i love the show so much and i miss watching it…… I HOPE THEY BRING IT BACK ON!

  7. sean Says:

    omg i love saler moon

  8. Adi Krauthammer Says:

    I really like games

  9. Heather Says:

    I know they need to put Sailor Moo back on the show. I have been sitting at my computer Watching all of the Sailor Moon episode on you tube but they only have like 30 different episodes. Sailor Moon was the best show on the air and we need to try to get it back on the air. Byeee.

  10. djellza Says:

    hey sialormoon jeni shum ok do te doja te kishte me shum filma me ju
    jam adhuruese e zjarrt e jueja
    shpresoj se do vazhdoni akoma
    si tani luftetarja ime e adhuruar
    sialormoon(luftetarja e henes)
    dhe mini hebna
    vazhdoni e mos ndaloni kurr

  11. sena Says:

    vajza sa te bukura jeni

  12. sailor says Says:

    ..and on half of the moon, I will punish you…I am Sailor Moon, the Champion of justice, I will right wrongs and triumph over evil..and that means you! fighting evil by moon light , winning love by day light..

  13. random Says:

    they did not put it back on cuz they cussed

  14. Olivia Says:

    You can buy it and thats what i did……i wanted it so bad i just bought it!!!!!

  15. chumani Says:

    hi i am only 13 and i think it is crap

  16. Nurel Says:

    I really really really want to play sailor moon games because i loves sailor moon very much. muuuuuuuuah!!!!!! sailor moon

  17. floranda Says:

    me te vertet shum te bukura jeni veqanarish ajo e marsit,dhe e venusit pa perjashtim te gjitha jeni shum shum shum te mrekullueshme bravo

  18. suela Says:

    I love sailor moon very much.she is my favourite personage

  19. aimie athirah Says:

    that sailor moon she is good

  20. corina Says:

    ciao sono corina e voglio giocare con sailor moon

  21. corina Says:

    o goca un nuk di ku te shof keto sailor moon ne kompjute ju lutem mund te me thoni add ? flm sh qe me kuptuat pacim puc te gjitha sailor moon

  22. SYLA Says:

    o ma i bukura asht qiky filmi sailor moon mu me pelqen shum ma shum me pelqen luftetarja e henes qaoooooooooo

  23. SYLA Says:

    ma i miri qiky filmi sailor moon shum te mir qaoo
    nga nita

  24. SYLA Says:

    ooooooooooo ma hangert zemren shum te mir jeni qishtu vazhdoni

  25. anita Says:

    o ma te mirat luftetaret e henes

  26. anita Says:

    he jaa bon syl mu njoftu me tyaa

  27. anita Says:

    o sa te keqe a pasna mar foton zemeren ja hangsha sabrinese dhe pricesha e dijellit aj qe ta pren doren preshnde anita ahmeti syla

  28. nita sekiraqa Says:

    I like the film I’ve watched the episodes.
    is an interesting film
    NITA Sekiraqa

  29. yllza Says:

    i love sailor venus she is the beautiful sailor i love you

  30. anita Says:

    hej qysh po e shkruni bre me lujten ne luftetaret e henes a a bon me me tregu syl te lutem

  31. arbrina Says:

    hej me ebukura esht princess serena she sailormoon

  32. liza Says:

    sailor moon je me e forta kisha desht me ba edhe ni film me to jan shume te mira

  33. veronika Says:

    jjjjjjjjjjje emrekullushme te du ashum jeni lufetetare te mrekulluara jjjjjjjjjju du shm nga nika ssssssssabrina daljan rini eljot

  34. Sailor Love3 Says:

    I´m a Sailor Love the Chanpion of love! All rights i combat enemis and the name of the love i will punish you. My attack is: Attack the kiss rose.

  35. Aaron seth BOY Says:

    awsome gammmmmmmmmmmmmmesssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! perfecto

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