Ozzy Osbourne And Rob Zombie – A Recap

My ears have been ringing since Friday night; I must be getting old. But I’ll deal, because the Ozzy Osbourne concert on Friday night was awesome!

Rob Zombie performed first and did and excellent job of getting the audience pumped up. Man, that Zombie, he’s one talented and imaginative guy. I love visually appealing performances, and this one was certainly that.

I don’t think the following clip was his best song of the evening, but it’s better than having nothing to share…Devil’s Rejects…

And then there was Ozzy. He began with a HILARIOUS video montage of parodies; everything from having a bit of oral fun under the skirt of The Queen to taking a crap in the corner as Dwight from The Office. For someone who built a reputation around biting off bat heads and being “dark,” he has a great sense of humor.

His show began with a bang and ended with fireworks. In the middle was an extremely long guitar solo, which was cool until it got annoying. My friend Heather and I feared it was a stall tactic as Ozzy sat backstage with an oxygen mask. The dude is getting old, but he’s still got it; it’s just not as crazy as it used to be.

Don’t Wanna Stop…

Mr. Crowley…

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