Johnny Carson Marries Alexis Mass – Happened In The 80s – June 20th

On this day in 1987

Late night legend Johnny Carson married his 4th wife, Alexis Mass, a former aide to Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis. The talk show host was 61, his new bride was 35.

Johnny Carson and Alexis Mass are said to have met when Alexis was walking down the Malibu beach, holding an empty wine glass. Carson said he noticed a beautiful woman and offered to fill the glass.

His marriage to Alexis Mass was Johnny Carson’s longest – lasting until his death in 2005.


johnny carson marries alexis mass 1987
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On this day in 1988

During a taping of Price is Right, model Janice Pennington was knocked unconscious when one of the TV cameras hit her and threw her off the stage; fellow model Kyle Aletter-Oldham filled in as Janice healed.

Later, Pennington decided to sue the show and was awarded $1.3 million in 1992. According to her lawsuit, the accident damaged her shoulders and left a visible scar on one of them. She claimed her modeling career was seriously affected since she was no longer able to model swimwear.


Years before her run-in with the camera, Janice Pennington was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month, Miss May 1971.

janice pennington playboy 1971

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