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Buy Legal Weed, Legal Buds And Legal Marijuana

If it were up to me, we’d be able to walk to the corner store and buy a pack of joints. But, alas, I am not in charge of such things. Thank goodness for Assemblyman Tom Ammiano however; we are clearly on the same page.

So until it’s all totally legal and you can get it at any little neighborhood market, other avenues will have to be taken to acquire legal weed. Lucky for you, that’s easier than it sounds.

International Oddities

Legal bud, legal weed, legal marijuana – whatever you want to call it, it’s all 100% legal. Sure, it’s not the real thing, but it still treats you to the same smoking pleasure; and it won’t get you thrown in jail.

The universe is said to have been created through the allegory of breath into life, thus shaping a materialized vision of preferred change.

The innate conceptual link of mind and body transformation through breath as a tradition exists in most historical cultures possessing a societal importance on magical precepts, self-discovery, or expansion towards a more personalized relationship with universal forces.

International Oddities

The pleasurable act of smoking at its base level touches a primal need to align our spirit with higher energies, guiding us in the direction of a higher definition of self awareness.

Legal bud incorporates growth methods and exotic botanicals from around the world, creating a unique taste all it’s own. The legals buds have great names, too:

Krypto Bud
Bahli Bubble Bud
Rasta Smoke
Wizard Smoke
Blueberry Bud
Black Widow Bud
Albino Rhino Bud
Crystal Ball Bud

Oh, and the legal buds have been smoked in Hollywood for years, making several appearances on TV and in movies. Legal weed has been smoked in:

L.A. Law
My Name Is Earl
Body of Lies
Knocked Up
Pineapple Express

Movie crews say that legal buds never fail to turn heads on the set, especially after the first puff.

3 Responses to “Buy Legal Weed, Legal Buds And Legal Marijuana”
  1. Mosey Says:

    I heard it on one of the news programs that the head drug honcho of the States is not so concerned about personal usage as much as the Bureau will go after the growers and cultivators. I, however, can’t find a link to it! Earlier this week, I heard on the news that Washington would like to leave it to each state to enforce their marijuana laws, not Federal.

    It’s a start and I support it.

  2. Legal Marijuana Says:

    If it’s not the real thing, probably many users won’t buy it. The government should create the legal frame for this matter with extra care, since they can’t afford to make any mistake.

  3. Aleksandr Says:

    I interested in ordering legal buds wholesale to Russia.
    My company can buy a product considerable quantity every month.
    Please, let me know if you’re selling legal buds to Russia.
    Thenk U.