Hoveround Medical Scooters & Medical Wheelchairs

Hoveround has been around for over 15 years and has sold more than 100,000 power wheelchairs.

For those with limited mobility, a Hoveround electric wheelchair could be a life saver. If nothing else, it’s an excellent life changer. Imagine going from barely being able to walk around your own house, to having the same mobility and freedom you had before your need for a Hoveround.

Hoveround gives you an electric wheelchair that has “easy chair” comfort combined with ergonomically designed support for muscles, joints and bones.

Hoveround mobility chairs feature…

  • Automobile seat construction
  • Exceptional support
  • 4-inch thick foam
  • Comfort-ride inner springs

Hoveround chairs come with a variety of options that allow you to recline, automatically adjust your seat height, and more. As your condition changes, additional options can be added that will be more comfortable and supportive.

Since their inception, Hoveround has had one mission:

To design, manufacture and distribute the most innovative and complete line of personal mobility vehicles in the world. To always remember that quality comes first and that reliability is our primary goal. To remain committed to quality care and to understand that only through ongoing training and performance improvement can we achieve our goals. To work closely with the health care community to ensure that we demonstrate, evaluate and provide appropriate equipment and training to our customers. To monitor, understand and effectively communicate to Hoveround employees all current laws, rules and regulations that affect our business and industry. To constantly stay abreast of any changes that affect our business, to ensure that we always stay in strict compliance and in good standing as a corporation. To always maintain a safe and healthy environment for all employees at Hoveround. The atmosphere should always promote individuality and creativity with the understanding that only through the sharing of ideas and teamwork can we succeed. Above all, to never stop exploring the possibilities.

Hoveround medical wheelchair

9 out of 10 Hoveround owners got their electric wheelchair at little or no cost. Call and get your free info kit today. In it you’ll receive a Q&A guide, a brochure and a DVD, supplying you with all the information you need to get your very own Hoveround wheel chair.

2 Responses to “Hoveround Medical Scooters & Medical Wheelchairs”
  1. robin larsen Says:

    I have a old highschool classmate that is in need of a some kind of electric wheelchair, she is 69, and a left leg amputee, she is only 5 ft tall and of average or below weight. She now has a old regular wheelchair that is too high off the ground with armrests that are too high. She is active enough to get out in the garden, but finds it hard to reach down, and gets sore shoulders hand from pushing the chair.
    Does she need a OK from her Doctor? she doesn’t really have any knowlegeable people around to help her, and I am a retired RPT and would love to surpise her with a new chair, she does have Medicare.

    Thank you, Robin

  2. Angela H. Says:

    It is wonderful how much you care about your former classmate. In order to get powered wheelchair such as a Hoveround, your friend will need to have a thorough mobility evaluation by her doctor. Medicare will pay most or all of the cost for the electric wheelchair if your friend qualifies and depending on the type of medical insurance she has. Please tell her this and have her go to her doctor, or call the helpful people at Hoveround for more information. Good luck