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Menthol Cigarettes & Flavored Cigarettes By RiteSmoke

Menthol cigarettes, flavored cigarettes and electronic cigarettes are very popular right now, and I honestly don’t think it’s a fad.

A friend of mine uses electronic menthol flavored cigarettes and went from smoking about a pack a day to a pack every three or four days. He hasn’t quit completely, but man! That’s a big cut-down.

His favorite part about electronic cigarettes is smoking at his desk; no more standing in the elements sucking on a cancer stick. Plus he doesn’t smell like an ashtray anymore.

MSNBC says:
Marketed as a healthier alternative to smoking and a potential way to kick the habit. Because no burning is involved there’s no hazardous cocktail of cancer-causing chemicals and gases like those produced by a regular menthol cigarette. There’s no secondhand smoke, so they can be used in places where cigarettes are banned, the makers say…

RiteSmoke is offering a risk-free trial of their electric flavored cigarettes right now – but you have to hurry ‘cause they’re only doing it for a limited time.

We at RiteSmoke are extremely strict in regards to the quality of the items we sell. We take advantage of the newest, most up to date technology and highest quality components in our electronic flavored cigarettes. We guarantee you the most vapor with each puff out of any menthol flavored e cigarette currently available on the market with no leaks, no breakage and no worries! – With a full 6 month warranty.

The RiteSmoke 510 quality is beyond par. Everything about it down to the last detail is excellent. It works amazing, it’s lightweight but it’s solid. It is engineered to perfection and everything fits together perfectly like a puzzle. You will enjoy it like nothing else you experienced [sic] before.

CNN says:
Revolutionary flavored Electronic Cigarette Offers a Real Smoking Pleasure & Nicotine Delivery Without the Tobacco, Tar, Smoke, or Odor Now smokers can enjoy cigarettes at a reasonable price without tar and without offending or endangering others with the secondhand smoke of traditional cigarettes…

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One Response to “Menthol Cigarettes & Flavored Cigarettes By RiteSmoke”
  1. electronic cigarette kit Says:

    My favorite part of the e-cigarette is waking up in the morning without a cough, I also have clear sinus and swapping was the best thing I have did.