Donald Trump Rally Protesters, Fights, Brawls, Videos, San Jose Convention Center

After the Donald Trump Rally anti Trump protesters took to the streets in full force.

The anti Trumpers were extremely violent. I saw men hitting women and children. People would just walk by the protesters and then the anti Donald Trump people would take cheap shots and punch people in the back of the head. Trump hats were set on fire, American flags burned, cars damaged, parking garages damaged, eggs thrown on women, people kicked while laying on the ground, etc.

I’m not even sure a lot of these thugs were old enough to vote or even allowed to vote. It seems like most of the people doing the fighting were gang members just looking for a reason to hit someone.

Police, Secret Service, TSA, Homeland Security, FBI, Highway Patrol, Swat and other government groups overall seemed to do a great job and were very respectful. But eventually a state of emergency had to be called and they declared it an unlawful assembly. Normally; I’d say give people their right to assemble, but this stuff was just kids looking to fight in my opinion… I’m glad they did or more people probably would have got hurt.

I sure hope something changes with this upcoming election. People need to learn how to love and support one another again…

Here’s some of the slogans I saw…
dump trump
fuck trump
fight racism
vote socialist
Hilary for prison
I voted for Hillary
trump is not healthy
embrace immigrants deport trump
stop the hate
liar trump
liberation not deportation
no hate in our state
trump your not welcome in the bay
there is no us in fascism
anyone but trump
trump = racism, hate and ignorance
there will be no fucking wall
donald trump is a big bully
California against trump

Anyways here’s a couple videos and pictures I happened to snap; while trying to avoid getting punched or in the middle of a brawl.

donald trump for president

liar donald trump

donald trump 2016

donald trump police san jose

donald trump cops

donald trump brawls

donald trump riots

donald trump fights

donald trump excitement

donald trump old couple

donald trump

trump rally and protesters

san jose swat riot gear

donald trump mexican flag

donald trump rally

san jos convention center

trump = racism, hate and ignorance

stop the hate alto al odio

donald trump is a big bully

enjoying the trump campaign

Fuck Trump mom and daughter

dump trump protesters

donald trump gansters

Donald trump campfire

lighting donald trump hat on fire

san jose police

non violent protesters

Trump protesters

fuck trump

i voted for hillary

i voted for hilary

Donald Trump protesters

Donald Trump Campaign

Donald Trump San Jose Convention Center

i voted for hillary

fuck donald trump

fuck trump

Donals Trump Small Penis Picture

Donals Trump Small Penis Picture

Donals Trump Small Penis Picture

California against Trump

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