Blindly He Haunts Me

Blindly he haunts me, killed by poisoned smoke of sacrifice. Desire bleeds deep red, and lingers always. A ghost for eternity.  Read More →

My Trust Is But An Ocean

My trust is but an ocean, porcelain to the kiss. I drink the liquid of life, and dance in a champagne pool. I devour your delicious universe, and lie on a velvet cloud for eternity.  Read More →

Ashes, Ashes

Ashes, ashes Lightning crashes. Quickly through the heart. When storm clouds boom, Get out of your room, And taste the tears of Heaven. But keep a watchful eye, On the midnight sky. For when the lightning flashes, There’s no escaping.  Read More →

Death’s Shadow

A dark shadow crawls, Slowly towards my head. I try to step away, But something holds me down. Every second slower, Every minute longer, Yet every day shorter, Every month faster. I grab for time, Grab for hope. Nothing is there, My fingers don’t grip. Faster, faster, falling straight down, No end in sight. A ledge to rest upon, But only for a moment. The Lake of Fire is closer now, So close, too close. Swallow me up, swallow me whole, Finally victim to the shadow.  Read More →

One Single Flame

Sitting in the darkness with nowhere to turn, I find a little candle yearning to burn. The hope of a flame or even a spark, Cause all my fears to slow and to park. I look around at all of the others, I cry because they are burning but mine won’t bother. Why does it have to be this way? I want so much to burn some day. My little wick is beginning to fade, It will surely disappear and in the wax I will wade. Until I find a match to start my fire, I remain alone in the darkness, hanging by a wire. –Written in Middle School–  Read More →

The Bus Ride

I’d say she’s about 250 pounds and carries it all in her middle. There are three children with her, all under the age of seven I’m sure. The smallest one sits on her lap, grasping onto the roll of fat just below her breast as he sleeps soundly. She’s looking off into space, I wonder what she’s thinking. I feel sorry for her. She looks poor, on welfare probably. She’s wearing a faded red shirt with the Salvation Army’s logo on it with white letters under it spelling out, I’M LIVING PROOF THE SALVATION ARMY WORKS. Her jeans are too small and have holes in the knees.... 

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God Wears Overalls

When I was seven, I saw a man get shot in the back of his head. He had no warning. Just a loud bang, and he was hit. He crumpled to the ground in slow motion, his head slumped forward. It almost looked like he was diving, head first into the cold, heartless earth. I just stood there. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even breathe. To this day I don’t know where the bullet came from, nor the identity of its victim. But I know that I was scared. Petrified even. It was like watching an apple fall from a tree, only there was blood — lots of blood. I don’t know if he died... 

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