The Gentle Stranger

“You must not tell anyone, dear child, what I am about to tell you.” The child’s left eyebrow peaked as if to say, “Oh I won’t tell.” Knowing full well he would leave this gentle stranger and tell the kid down the street within the hour, who would then tell the kid around the block. All before supper, of course. The gentle stranger smiled and revealed the most perfect white teeth the child had ever seen. With a wink and a sly grin, the child led the gentle stranger to a bench in the cool shade of a great oak. After they sat, the child turned to the gentle stranger... 

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The Smoke of Our Souls

Once again we’ve gathered, preparing for departure. Up and over, out of sight, into a whole new rhelm. Divided we sit, together we fly. You in your corner and I in mine, soon we will be one. One lights the match, which starts the other’s fire. Inhale, exhale, breath the smoke of our souls. Today it’s like this, tomorrow — who knows. When we gather the next time, we’ll do it all over again.  Read More →

Our Soul

Our soul is energy, And energy is neither created or destroyed. Our soul never dies. The body our soul inhabits was given to us as a gift from God. What we do with it is our choice. But if God sees that we are going the wrong way, He will step in and help. And when He feels that He needs our help in His kingdom, He will send for us. The people who leave early are the very special people, Whose help is needed even more. But since our soul never dies, And our body is only a gift, We never really leave, We just take a long lunch.  Read More →

Tweaker Jane

Lust is weakened blood surging through her veins. She’ll drive it to the brink until it finally shoots her down. Jane is consumed by her lust. She’s gonna die one day, and she knows it. Her weak veins bubble as she watches Joe-Joe fill the needle. He clicks his nails on the plastic tube and her eardrums quiver. The deadly liquid swims through her body, as madness swims through her mind. Jane’s lust leaves her, subdued by the poison. “Melt into me,” the couch whispers, “feel my fibers with yours.” Jane’s heart beats a message her brain will never get, “Hold... 

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How to Sing the Blues

1. Most Blues begin, “Woke up this morning…” 2. “I got a good woman” is a bad way to begin the Blues, unless you stick something nasty in the next line like, “I got a good woman, with the meanest face in town.” 3. The Blues is simple. After you get the first line right, repeat it. Then find something that rhymes…sort of: “Got a good woman with the Meanest face in town. Yes, I got a good woman with the meanest face in town. Got teeth like Margaret Thatcher, and she weigh 500 pound.” 4. The Blues is not about choice. You... 

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The Cold Within

The Cold Within Author Unknown Six human trapped by happenstance In dark and bitter cold. Each one possessed a stick of wood, Or so the story’s told. Their dying fire in need of logs, The first woman held hers back, For on the faces ‘round the fire, She noticed that one was Black. The next man looking ‘cross the way Saw one not of his church, And couldn’t bring himself to give The fire his stick of birch. The third one sat in tattered clothes, He gave his coat a hitch, Why should his log be put to use To warm the idle rich? The rich man just sat back and thought Of wealth... 

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