Burning Man Live Web Cams At Burning Man 2016

I’m not at Burning Man this year. Booooo!!!!! Guess I’ll just have to be content with the live stream….. Here’s the 2016 stream to watch burning man online. The Man burns, 2010…..  Read More →

Burning Man 2010 Festival – The Fun Begins

Did you miss me? Oh yes you did, don’t lie. I missed you too. But I’m back now so stop crying. Seriously, stop crying. It’s not pretty. Burning Man 2010 was probably one of the best experiences of my life thus far. And one of the worst. When I look back on my time in the Black Rock Desert at Burning Man 2010, there are a few things that will be in the forefront of all my memories – a million lights, blisters, colors,... 

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