Politically Incorrect Product Ads From Not-So-Long Ago.

If you think the product ads of today exploit women as sex objects and sets the woman’s movement back, get a load of these ads! And you thought a half-naked woman selling toothpaste was bad….(be sure to read the actual ad tag line below each picture)…

Palmolive soap ad 1921

1921: If you can answer YES to the question, you are obviously using pure mild Palmolive soap that will leave your skin radiant.

Kellogg PEP ad 1930s

1930s: You do all the household chores – and still look fresher every day, darling. What’s your secret? A bowl of Kellogg’s PEP vitamin cereal for breakfast, naturally.

Pacific label ad 1946

1946: Women are seen as indecisive, trying to squeeze into something too small, worried someone else is wearing the same dress and then taking it back to the shop. Men need only one look at the Pacific label to know it suits you, sir.

coffee ad 1952

1952: Is your coffee pressure packed for extra freshness? If hubby can tell you’re not making Chase & Sanborn coffee for him, well, you’ve been warned…

ketchup top ad 1953

1953: You don’t need a knife, a bottle opener or even your husband to unscrew the cap of this bottle – just a little twist of the Alcoa HyTop Closure, made of pure aluminum, and that ketchup is ready to pour.

pitney bowes ad 1953

1953: Husband furious because you’ve missed the post? The Pitney-Bowes Postage Meter prints the stamp and seals the envelope all in one go.

kenwood chef ad 1961

1961: When you can’t wait for your dinner, give her a Kenwood Chef food mixer and let her have some fun preparing your favorite dish.

mini car ad 1970

1970: Your wife won’t be able to stall the car or grind the gears – and there’s even one pedal fewer to confuse her with the Mini Automatic.

Source: The outrageously politically incorrect adverts from the time equality forgot – DailyMail.co.uk


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