Aaryn Gries of Big Brother 15 Is Not Racist. So Says One Black Man.

Oh my god, you guys, Big Brother’s Aaryn Gries is not a racist. She’s just Texan. Even a black guy says so! (If you can’t sense the sarcasm, you need to have your head examined.)

So there’s this dude named Shawn Onyechi who says that he’s not only Aaryn’s friend, but he was also her Valentine’s date this year. This, he claims, is proof that she’s not a racist.

Onyechi says he knows Gries from college in Texas and that they were close when she left for the ‘Big Brother’ house, and that he knows for a fact that she’s not the racist ass she appears to be, tweeting, “Who thinks Aaryn Gries from big brother is racist? I’ve heard her comments, but personally I KNOW otherwise.”

Sorry to break it to you, Shawn Onyechi, but I think you may be the only black person in the country who doesn’t think Aaryn is racist.


They also apparently hung out on Halloween.