Shaklee & Oprah – Has Shaklee “Sold Out”?

Disclaimer: is in no way affiliated with Shaklee Corporation. The views and opinions expressed in the following post are those of Hilary Shepherd and she alone. The comments are from readers like you who had something to say on the matter, and are posted simply in an effort to create dialog.

Have you ever heard of the Shaklee Corporation? I hadn’t until last year. When I mentioned it to my mom, she said she’s known about it for years. The Shaklee Corporation develops and sells environmentally friendly products ranging from vitamins and diet aids, to cleaning products. Some of the products are actually pretty great. Shaklee has been around for 50+ years and is one of the oldest and longest running multi-level marketing programs.

Now, MLMs can be profitable when the right match is made between a person and their chosen business. Not every MLM is for every one. Each one has their own “proven method” of conducting business and marketing products. But with every MLM, the more money you make, the more money those above you make.

Last year, my boyfriend and I decided to throw our hats into the MLM ring. We chose Shaklee because they’re based in Pleasanton, CA, they really care about the environment, and the products actually do what they say they’re going to do. We met with Shawn Gray, Executive Coordinator, with Shaklee & told him about our background in Internet Marketing. We figured since it’s the 21st century and anything that is worth anything is on the internet, we’d take that route to gain customers, instead of the traditional home based meetings approach. Shawn was very excited to see us take the internet approach & said it would be fine to market Shaklee on the Internet using the Shaklee name.

That’s when things started getting sticky. The “personal” website they supplied us with, in our opinion, was hard to navigate, and they set it up so search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo couldn’t even see it if someone were to search for a Shaklee product. We couldn’t deal with that. So we made our own site and created pages for each of the products using the product names. Then the calls from Shaklee Corporate started coming full steam ahead. They said we were violating the Distributor Agreement by using the company name and product names in advertising.

You see, here’s the rub…Shaklee has headquarters in several parts of the world, and wants everyone in the world to know how great their products are, but they won’t let any of their distributors talk about them in any other medium than home meetings (like Tupperware or Mary Kay parties). Um, last time I checked, the internet was THE BEST way to let THE MOST people know about you. They will, however, let you advertise your meetings on the radio, on TV, in a newspaper or even on the internet, BUT you can’t use the word Shaklee or any of the Shaklee product names in those mediums. I thought when you’re trying to sell a product it was good to call it by name?

When you become a Shaklee Independent Distributor, you receive a “personal” website, but you’re not allowed to use the internet to its fullest potential by selling the products online. So…how does that make sense?

The Shaklee Corporation is currently owned by Roger Barnett (who, by the way is filthy rich even without Shaklee). He and his wife Sloane were on Oprah last week, but it was not really advertised. When a Shaklee distributor posted an article about the show, they were temporarily suspended. So, it’s okay for the company to advertise Shaklee on Oprah, but it’s not okay for their distributors to then write about what they saw on that show.That was Oprah’s rule. She wants all the money from customers generated by her show, so Shaklee put a ban on any of their distributors talking about it. I think Shaklee just wants to fatten their pockets – and Oprah’s. Now that hardly seems fair.

Further more, it is my contention that the Shaklee Corporation took the money from the sales we would have made through our website, which they shut down.

What we were doing was working for us, and therefore making money for them. We were reaching people we never would have been able to reach if we had done the traditional meetings. We were getting the Shaklee name out and making money. How was that a violation?

Or, the Shaklee Corporation needs to take the stick out of their collective corporate butts and embrace the world of internet marketing.

How the heck are you supposed to tell the world about something when you’re only meeting with a small group of people?

Do you have a site that has a complaint about Shaklee? Please post it here:

Have problems? – Maybe if enough people complain things will change:

Evelyn Bartolome
Shaklee Legal Department
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Cathy Keating
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136 Responses to “Shaklee & Oprah – Has Shaklee “Sold Out”?”
  1. Shirley Says:

    Hi there. For those of you interested…the new SHAKLEE Internet Guidelines went into effect March 1, 2009. If you’re not in SHAKLEE, and knowing about these new SHAKLEE Internet Guidelines (to market online) in detail would help you decide whether to be part of us excited SHAKLEE business owners or not, you’re welcome to get in touch with your email address and contact info, and I’ll follow up with you. No bogus names or hate mail, please…life is too short for those kinds of games, right? Serious inquiries only, please. 800-310-7140. BTW…do you know about the money on the table through March 31? $100 for every 10 sponsoring points if you were in SHAKLEE before Nov. 19 2008; $200 for every 10 sponsoring points if you’re new since Nov. 19, 2008! Our goal is to sign up another million people ASAP. Today is a great day to decide!

  2. JD Says:

    Thanks for the info everyone…

  3. Ernesto Perez Says:

    My parents have signed up as distributors a week ago. This summer I will be selling the product door to door in my city. I know I can do this I am 17 years old and also I could advertise in many ways as well in my situation as being in the school newspaper. So I can mention my ID and let everyone that wants it to join my distributor downlines. Right?

  4. Shirley Says:

    Hi, everyone.

    Here’s what I know is true about the SHAKLEE/Dr. David Sinclair situation.

    Dr. Sinclair is a Harvard scientist who met SHAKLEE owner Roger Barnett, a Harvard alumni, socially, some years back. They’re about the same age (early 40s now), fathers of young children, and passionate about how science can better the future of humanity. Fascinated by each other’s vision, they continued communicating. SHAKLEE’s team of scientists was doing anti-aging research on resveratrol aimed at producing a nutrition product and Dr. Sinclair joined SHAKLEE’s distinguished Scientific Advisory Board about the time that Dr. Sinclair and his associates at Harvard were getting publicity for his research on resveratrol. Well-known scientists have done the same thing over the years, the foremost researcher on fiber, the foremost researcher on hormone replacement therapy problems, the foremost researcher on antioxidants, etc. Their working with SHAKLEE coincided each time with the production and release of a nutritional product.

    When SHAKLEE’s research produced a finished product in 2008, Dr. Sinclair agreed to talk with SHAKLEE distributors at the annual convention. SHAKLEE’s legal department was careful not to tell him what to say–he had complete control over his presentations, which were recorded, and additional video clips he made for SHAKLEE websites. We were all pleased that he would endorse VIVIX so enthusiastically and unreservedly!

    But apparently Dr. Sinclair didn’t realize in doing so he was overstepping the contractual agreements about his research that he has with Harvard as well as with a pharmaceutical company starting the long process of developing a medicine based on his research who had paid Dr. Sinclair millions for access to his research. The pharmaceutical company threatened legal action if he didn’t step away from association with SHAKLEE and its nutritional product, VIVIX.

    This had nothing to do with distributors making false claims. In fact our top notch legal department requires us to use SHAKLEE wording without adding to it or altering it–not only for VIVIX, but for every product. That’s why SHAKLEE hasn’t had any legal problems in its 53-year history, though it has hundreds of products. So, we were using Dr. Sinclair’s exact words, as taped. We were using clips of Dr. Sinclair from the Barbara Walter’s anti-aging special on ABC, and a clip from Charlie Rose’s PBS program–both widely available on the internet. We were using lots of legally sound SHAKLEE literature produced to help us tell the story.

    But Dr. Sinclair’s friend and associate, Roger Barnett, publicly asked all SHAKLEE distributors to help Dr. Sinclair meet his contractual obligations to Harvard and to the pharmaceutical company so no legal action would be taken against Dr. Sinclair when a Wall Street Journal article after Christmas 2008 caused Dr. Sinclair adverse publicity. Roger Barnett had a special teleconference for all business leaders making us fully aware of the situation–that Dr. Sinclair could be in trouble for breach of contract. We all agreed to what SHAKLEE asked of us–not to use Dr. Sinclair’s likeness or words any longer in connection with VIVIX, to help him out. Literature and websites were redone to remove his likeness and quotes. We were told that we could refer to his research as we would refer to the research of any other scientist…but not as a scientist with a connection with SHAKLEE. We were cautioned even against the use of the TV clips.

    In fact, although he also resigned from the SHAKLEE Advisory Board to eliminate the appearance of a conflict of interest, Dr. Sinclair has not reversed anything he has said about VIVIX. His ringing endorsement stands. But we distributors have been asked not to use any of his endorsements, even though they have not been withdrawn.

    SHAKLEE is taking the high road on this, and I admire that. I really believe a good man didn’t realize his contractual limitations and when he did, did what he had to do.

    And we don’t really need his endorsement. Our product VIVIX actually goes beyond Dr. Sinclair’s research. In addition, SHAKLEE found a muscadine grape with an extra chromosome and Roger secured the harvests for the next ten years at least. SHAKLEE worked with a scientific team at the University of Georgia on a patent-pending extraction process. SHAKLEE is currently doing clinical research to expand the lab research on VIVIX, which is 10 times more powerful than resevertrol alone. Amazing testimonies are flooding in from the Field as the product has been used since August 08. The production had to be quadrupled after a six month’s supply ran out in six weeks.

    We don’t need Dr. Sinclair. But we’re very grateful for him. I’ve heard he personally takes VIVIX…

    …because we have the product NOW. We don’t have to wait 5-7 more years for the medicine version!

  5. Aimee B Says:

    Hey Ernesto,
    Door to door won’t be fun, some cities require a license – check with your upline – they may have other ways to help you get started. My daughter gives flyers or cards to her friends parents once in a while.

    Also, there is a new number for the Vivix call on Sunday nights. 9pm Eastern 605–475–6900 Pin 6333# Not sure what the negative comment about last few paragraphs is about – I don’t see any false claims, just DOCUMENTED remarks. Make it a GREAT life – it’s yours.

  6. Bob Dole Says:

    Sounds like people are spending an awful lot of time and energy complaining about not making money, instead try taking that same time and effort to build a positive attitude and focus on how you can generate some business.


  7. debbeisel Says:

    I’m a Shaklee distributor. I started using Shaklee because my daughter was allergice to every other laundry product I tried. My grandma used Shaklee so I tried it and it worked. A while later I became a distributor. I have about 10 customers that I give good customer service to. I make around $150.00 a month so that is a little over $1500.00 a year, a nice vacation fund. I do this with minimal effort. The bottom line is you can take it or leave it. Don’t critize if you haven’t really used the products.

    If I worked harder I’d probably make more but I just wanted something extra. And to the person who thought this is a pyramid scheme, you don’t understand how we are paid. Also, Avon, Longaberger Baskets, Pampered Chef, and countless other home businesses have products not sold in stores. so what.

  8. susan Says:

    This was an awesome resource when deciding to join the Shaklee family or not. I weighed all the pros and cons and the pros won by a landslide. The internet advertising rules were re-written earlier this year. It’s now a great asset for those involved with internet marketing already.

  9. Christy Says:

    While I understand that you want to do a better job of creating a website, I also understand where Shaklee is coming from. If they allowed people to create their own Shaklee website then they would have to spend a ridiculous amount of time reading through them to make sure there wasn’t any false advertising or incorrect information. I went to this last Shaklee convention, and there was an entire seminar and a half on increasing traffic to your personal website including starting a blog about something related to Shaklee (environmentally friendliness, health, going green, sports, whatever). They have also revamped their personal website because it wasn’t up to par.

    As for it not showing up on google, can you imagine the mess if every shaklee person website came up when it was googled, plus it would be unfair as the people up on top who have the highest traffic on their website would receive a higher listing on the search results. I’m glad it isn’t done that way or I could lose customers because people would just google it and sign up under some big-shot instead of me.

  10. Brenda Sue Says:

    I want to say that Shaklee is from hell! I have been tormented by my husband and mother-in-law that if I don’t use only shaklee products I am basically going to die and go to hell! I have a serious heart condition and they have tormented me to STOP taking my heat medication and start taking Shaklee prooducts and I will be fine. If I don’t use Shaklee washing powders, I will have boils on my body, ( I am 58 yrs old and have never had boils on my body) It has taken it’s toll on my marriage and I am ready for divorce. All because of this torment from Shaklee and how I am not a good daughter-in-law. Also, trhey harrass friends and family member and even members of our church. Shaklee has made my life a living hell and I hate the name. If any more of you have experienced this, I would like to hear from you!!!

  11. Sheryl Says:

    Dear Brenda Sue,
    I am so sorry your husband and mother-in-law hurt you this way. They may have information that will help you, especially with your serious condition. They should not have suggested you quit taking your heart meds. I too am 58. My family has a huge history of heart challenges. All 6 of my mothers’ brothers died young because of heart conditions.

    I was also in a serious car accident and was hit on the head and other places during the roll-over. As a result I researched brain health as well as whole body and heart health and am healthier today than I have been in years.

    I have been with Shaklee 5 years. When I started I was in very bad health with bronchial challenges and was allergic to many things, some of which made my skin boil. I didn’t expect Shaklee to cure everything. The products are made from plants and other natural sources. I was shocked when I was able to get rid of 3 presecription meds.

    Shaklee Vivix has restored my brother and sister to better health, too. My sister had a brain tumor and the doctor said he never saw anyone recover like she has. I’m so glad I shared Shaklee with her, mostly by living my life as an example, but also by giving her gifts of Shaklee.

    You should never stop taking your doctors advice, but it is a good thing to restore your body to maximum health, and no other supplements have the science or raw material tests that Shaklee has.

    We have an educational site that may help you or your family. (It’s not a recruiting site – we don’t even know who uses it, unless they chose to sign the guest book.) There’s also a document there that shows how inexpensive it is to use Shaklee natural cleaners. I didn’t realize the effect toxic cleaners were having on my health. I really appreciate the fact that we can save people money while helping them restore health.

    I’m not sure if this will help you – you certainly need to remain under a doctors care, but if it helps, our site is The password and username are both: shaklee

    Good luck to you – hope your new year is happy and healthy.
    Sheryl Turner

  12. Corie Says:

    Wow! Two years with the same issue and no resolution.

    Hillary is right this is the 21st century and in 2010 there are more
    brick and mortar business spending advertising dollars on the net with
    Adwords, PPC, Social Networks etc…

    They are blogging and setting up Ecommerce sites and vying for branding
    in anyway they can.

    There are businesses out there that will allow you the freedom to advertise
    and build a business on the net.

    I’m living Proof.

    Good luck, Cheers and To your health

    Corie Wallace

  13. Bruce Says:

    Shaklee’s internet policy for members is outlined at:

    My wife has been selling Shaklee for 27 years. She enjoys helping people, and the products are excellent — they are scientifically formulated and really deliver what they say they will. As far as Corporate making a lot of money for the work my wife does, so what? Is any other job much different? She feels she is well rewarded for her efforts, and there is very little overhead (none, really, besides some literature) for us. She has a website for customers who prefer the convenience, but most good customers like her regular personal contacts with them, and my wife likes this also. She is a “people-person”. If some who have commented above don’t like that style of business, and are only looking for a fast-income, less personal-oriented business, I suggest they look elsewhere, and respect those who prefer to share Shaklee with others in what they like to call “social networking”. The products sell themselves, and my wife has made a lot of good friends throughout the years, and we have paid a lot of bills, and helped others pay a lot of bills, with their Shaklee income.

  14. Crystal Says:

    FYI- You can promote the products on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, MYSPACE and you can create a blog. So this is a bunch of crap. I do all my advertising online plus I have a Shaklee website…and I do online webinars.

  15. Hilary Shepherd Says:

    Thanx for the link Bruce:

    But it doesn’t work unless you are a Shaklee rep. Maybe Shaklee Corporate could chime in themselves and set the record straight on the new guidelines.

    FYI: I noticed Suzanne and Carl LaFlamme ( 17 year Shaklee Reps per their Shaklee personal web site) are using Google Adwords in the Google Content Network to advertise Shaklee. Here’s a copy of what their ad is showing:

    Shaklee Products Online
    Experienced Shaklee Distributor Online or call

    It’s hard to say what the truth is. Shaklee corporate is all over the map with enforcement. Some reps seem to get preferential treatment; but that’s just my personal opinion. I know I made complaints early on about things other Shaklee reps were doing that were never addressed.

    In other news; Top Meyer who works in Corporate Media at Shaklee Pleasanton headquarters is now dating Cathy Keaton of Shaklee.

  16. Kennedy Grey Says:

    Though i truly believe on an individual basis, one-to-one, we can always find something great and undeniably valuable and unique about anyone–when this approach to the world is usurped by the greed of turning just such a contact into a sale, selling to a soul who must then sell to sate your success (don’t you LOVE alliteration?), I must take a stand, and say to the beehive of buzzing Shaklee, Amway, or any other Vertical, Pyramid, MLM or even “VIRAL” marketing, i run run run from you.
    My best friend who i love dearly is now selling Shaklee, (and probably reading this right now since i linked her). She has the best heart in the world, and the kindest, most generous presence (she’s hot too!) but a single mother of two kids. I just sent her a loving warning to not lose touch with the slender thread that connects us as miracles to this ball of dirt moving very quicklly around the big shiny thing out there and to not forget that we are miracles, with gifts to give each other–but, subverted by selling… we just go into “binary” mode (“if you’re not with me you don’t matter and I’m wasting my time”). Granted, it’s more layered than this, surely–of course, nobody wants to blow an opportunity to network the unconverted, who knows–they might have friends… and… (sound of door slamming shut).
    Look, I am not posting here to make a judgement call on the chosen earning path people take–my own precipitous one as a writer in the advertising industry is one I’d advise against even more voraciously than shilling for the Shak, but hear me out. At the end of the day I know I’m a copywriter — or “brand ventriloquist”–throwing my written voice into the guise of some product by some company.
    The problem that crosses my wires as a veteran ad agency writer is that there are products that are honest and some that are not. Shaklee may make fine lines of whatever, but be honest: that’s not what you’re selling. You are selling the idea of SELLING to someone else. Sure, some may refute that, but becoming a Gold Seller (or Golden Calf or whatever gold star Shaklee gives you for converting x amount of people) doesn’t not allow you to say with any real conviction that “Shaklee makes a product that you buy and it is better than dozens of other products”. The first thing I look at when I do a writing job for a company (building an ad campaign et al) is the most important question of all: “What is the USP of the thing I’m writing about?” The USP (or “Unique Selling Proposition”) of Shaklee is NOT the products–its that YOU TOO can be as SUCCESSFUL selling them as Jim Shillster, our Regional Golden Blue Whale, who just last year made so much money that… (insert aspirational/desired audience driver here)”.
    Maybe people think an advertising writer calling this kettle black is somewhat hypocritical, but advertising is not a business of lying about products–it’s one where you artfully don’t tell the entire truth about them in a way that creates the vision of fulfillment in the eyes of your potential buyer. Shaklee is based on selling the idea of success. You are not saving the world by selling Shaklee, you (and million like you) are trying to save your house, your kids, yourself, from this crappy economy. At least when I write for Nike, Wells Fargo, Men’s Wearhouse, or a zillion other brands, I don’t bait and switch the idea of the benefit with “this product helps you do X” with “this product will make you rich if you convert XY amount of people”.
    And as Hilary’s blog here reveals to my spit-spit-spit disdain, the Shak doesn’t even allow you to use free market tools such as social media, lest you stir up their legal dept. and they hunt you down and stop you from diverting away from the “drive-to-Shaklee” main site that they REALLY want you to accomplish when using the web (or even flyers, direct mail, or whatever else you can concoct to get an edge in your area over Jim McShilling’s cronies who all bowl together.
    So when they say “no animals were harmed” in Shaklee’s product positioning, I disagree: as an animal myself, the idea of such “being your own boss” and the other aspirational air they are blowing up your all-natural behinds creates enough discomfort for me as not just a professional seller used to being able to leverage any legal advantage I can to beat down my competitors–as long as what I was saying was true, capitalism and democracy and and the founding fathers and Apple Pie and Chevrolet and the Pepsi generation allow me to “Just Do It” how I want, as long as I’m not committing fraud, perjury, or trampling the minutae of Intellectual Property law in its various and sundry forms.
    In other words, I’m an animal and Shaklee is one big slap in my face as a democratically-thinking, capitalist out to feed myself and give the world a Coke and a Smile. So take that, Shak, and i hope to read soon in your fine print that ‘humans who are also considered animals’ as are all “god’s creatures” can be harmed by the IDEA of using people as stepladders–and try climbing one with your hands bound by the Mothership”. Hmmph.
    Or, hey, for fun, why don’t one of you try and put up an eBay store? I can see the lawyers running for their iPhones now to shut you down.
    End of rant.
    God bless you, every one.

    Kennedy Grey,
    Finding his vitamins in vegetables, no brand needed”

  17. FAL Says:

    After having read numerous comments on this board by shaklee distributors they remind me of a brainwashed cult. Instead of ‘speaking’ politely to this and a few other individuals they seem to jump to intimidate, one assumes in an effort to get him/her to back off and not make any negative comment or even question anything having to do with the business ethics of the company. After reading this, it certainly does sound like a huge, moneymaking pyramid scheme and i dont think that i would be inclined to purchase anything from them. Thank you to all the distributors who posted here because it not only enlightened me but frightened me enough not to want to chance doing business with you.

  18. Sheryl Says:

    I don’t know if I should laugh or cry, but one thing for sure, after the last two posts I had a nice big yawn. You may want to check your facts. No one is asking you to purchase anything. Well maybe Kennedy’s friend will try to educate him – he obviously doesn’t have a clue as what is in Coke.

    And he is absolutely right, you are the pot calling the kettle black – you are “selling” your service. And, artfully not telling the entire truth about products in a way that creates the vision of fulfillment in the eyes of the potential buyer is… lying. Hello!?

    Shaklee has more scientists, quality tests, and clinical studies than any company I’ve researched. Just because they have paid more money (over 2,000 people have been paid a million$ and a total of 5 Billion $) to the field, doesn’t mean the products don’t work. There are a lot of companies that have moved many times the product Shaklee has, and paid less.

    Shaklee has always been a grass roots company and has given back – 5 million trees have been planted – that’s a great start. The lives of the people who have been affected by finally being able to find a true natural product to help fight the toxins in our world is a good thing. They have an entire timeline of green history for those who seek the truth. Oh, and good luck getting the vitamins you need from food – that is a very rare accomplishment considering the mineral depletion of our soil.

    The nice thing about Shaklee is they are the quiet company where 3rd and 4th generations are being paid on work started in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The best part is people like my sister recovered from brain surgery faster and my autistic grandson is learning at an unexplainable rate. If they happen to consume organic supplements that help people have better brain health, that is a good thing. Your lack of information won’t change the thousands of people who have experienced better health because of powerful, natural sourced products.

    Sorry some people seem to have had a negative experience. I didn’t want to build Shaklee, I just wanted to try the stuff. Since they had a 100% money back guarantee, I couldn’t lose. I no longer need meds for Arthritis, Asthma, or Allergies.

    1 or 2 drops of our Basic H2 makes a great non-toxic window cleaner that works – but you don’t have to use it. Instead of paying 1 penny for ours – go buy the toxic stuff, or even the green stuff in a new plastic bottle every time, that doesn’t work as well, but don’t act like you care what kind of planet we are leaving for future generations.

    Shaklee also has more free resources for field education than any I’ve seen once you are a member. We don’t make people sign in on our personal training site before they make an educated decision to be part of the solution and become members. Anyone can use it – just get back to the person who introduced you to Shaklee: the password and username are both shaklee

    Good luck to you – have an excellent day.

    P.S. Loved the reference to the “slender thread that connects us as miracles to this ball of dirt moving very quickly around the big shiny thing out there”. You are a very gifted writer.

  19. Thor Says:

    First, that is a lot of posts! I grew up on Shaklee and I worked, but the problem with Shaklee going side by side in a store like GNC is that there total revenue would decline. Shaklee needs all your combined personal experiences to help sell the product. Without all your personal experiences they would lose revenue competing side by side with all the other health products out there. There is a plethera to choose from and many other good brands of health products. This is Shaklee’s business model. You as distributors have to embrace it, because Shaklee is the one calling the shots. Sorry, but that is the way business works.

  20. greengirlUK Says:

    Hey, I used Shaklee 30 years ago while living in Australia and sold them- loved them. Moved to the USA continued to use them. Moved to the UK 15 years ago and can’t find them. I want to become a distributer as maybe there is a niche market here. I am in another net MLM company with great products and marketing plan, but too expensive for most people. I wonder how Shaklee rates when converted to pounds?

  21. Lisa Says:

    Wow! I happened to stumble across this blog looking for something else about Oprah and her endorsements. As a small business owner, I find it sad that Shaklee is tying the hands of their distributors and how they can market/advertise the Shaklee products and their individual businesses. Online marketing and social media are necessary advertising tools in this era.

    With my fundraising company, one of the product lines that I promote is with a direct sales division of a publicly traded coffee company. They are very open to any marketing ideas for the product line and have a phenomenal online marketing program already set up for you to use. You, as independent business owners, just have to get out there and do it! Shaklee needs to catch up with the present and stop doing business as status quo or their sales reps will find another place to do business. Best of luck in your endeavors.

    Lisa Ash
    Glash Inc. Fundraising Services
    Association of Fundraising Professioanals

  22. J Klingsten Says:

    Hillary —

    It is well known that Roger Barnett was not able to make all of the changes he wanted to make to the company right when he originally purchased the company. Not only did he have to wait two years to purchase the Shaklee because it was not for sale when he wanted to buy it, he waited six more years to launch his newly released sales plan, the Dream Plan, because it takes time to implement new changes without upsetting those who are still with Shaklee in its 54 year existence. Needless to say, it’s not a far jump to conclude that perhaps some of the restrictions and tight controls related to the Internet could not simply be relaxed immediately, when he purchase the firm. Roger Barnett does understand and value Social Marketing and the power of disseminating information through the Internet.

    Before Roger Barnett became Shaklee’s president, he spent over $20 million in the selection process, and from how he spoke and involved his family in the 2010 convention, he is clearly building the company as a legacy for his children. His new incentive plan is not only his means of looking for the brightest and the best for his company, it is one way Shaklee can fuel economic recovery through the growth of Shaklee AND support reduction of healthcare costs by making these products more accessible. Essentially, if you think you can’t afford Shaklee, you could be selling it so that you can afford to live a healthier life through the Dream Plan. As Roger Barnett stated in his opening statement at the convention, if everyone was as healthy as Shaklee supplement users are (based on the Landmark Study on Multi-Vitamins done at UC-Berkley), then providing free healthcare for everyone in this country would be affordable for the government.

    If the past is what is holding you back, then leave it there… in the past. Move on. Shaklee is definitely at a new beginning.

    J Klingsten

  23. Wowza Says:

    One of the creepiest threads I’ve ever read! You guys talk like you’re brainwashed Scientologists…

  24. Mikey Says:

    All claims on Shaklee Personal care line are made up and untruthful. There is no scientific data to substantiate what they are saying in their booklets…all lie….

  25. Jen Says:

    For the most part, it is common practice for direct sales companies to prohibit the sale of their product through any medium other than home parties, and/or the website they provide their distributors. Shaklee is no different. Even ebay has policies about ‘outside of ebay’ transactions and advertising. If they catch you violating a policy they will shut you down. Website keywords cost thousands, no direct sales company is going to pay for them. The website is meant to be a checkout for customers who’ve been referred to it, by you.

  26. jnr Says:

    With the 100% guarantee all can try the products – don’t like full refund. As for the opportunity — 24/ make it big…research what 1% of distributors make it to master coordinator…very small. Those who make it are go getters…want it, go get it and be prepared to work 24/7.

  27. Stacy Ocampo Says:

    I am so sorry to hear all these negative comments. Shaklee has a wonderful reputation. Their products work as they promise, or your money back…all who didn’t like them, I hope you returned them. Shaklee is a company, just like any other. They have to set restrictions. As long as you aren’t trying to pose as “Shaklee” they are behind us. We are permitted to use the logo, the product names, etc…. Shaklee has to make sure that the information being presented by each of us is accurate and doesn’t lead others to feel like they can get rich quick. Shaklee is about building relationships. Cyber-relationships only take you a little ways–you must reach out personally! My mother has been very successful for the past 30 years. She raised 3 children, even after divorce, all on her Shaklee income. People she introduce 30 years ago still buy from her. I am building my own business now, I’m growing slow but this is a life style worth the efforts. It is completely up to what you want. Nothing comes without a learning curve/ expenses. Get rich quick companies usually don’t last long. Good luck in life. Whatever you want from life, you can achieve. Just set some goals and don’t give up at the first no. There will be many!

  28. Milo Says:

    Lot’s of mlm zombies weighing in.
    Wake up and get a job, quit dreamin
    bout easy money. Yes Roger Barnett is rich,
    he was born rich & is getting richer because
    he has an army of brainwashed fanatics at work
    so he doesn’t have to.


  29. DiDi Martin Says:

    A long…well, Ok, a R-E-A-L-L-Y long…blog! Can’t believe I read the whole thing!

    A few thoughts: 1) Reaffirmed my appreciation of good science and healthy living and the people involved in those pursuits 2) Reaffirmed my reasons for enjoying human interaction – the silliness that makes me laugh, the rudeness that makes me shudder, and the intelligent dialogue that sheds light on an issue 3) Reaffirmed my desire to let those gifted with money-making abilities go on and do just that while I use my own gift of encouragement to cheer them on (!)

    Note to Kennedy: Your blog was hard to read. You may have a way with words, but I got lost in the overwhelming numberofwordsoneafteranotherafteranother. Do I agree with you? Hm….I don’t know!

    Note to Sheryl: Your calm, reasonable (AND well-spaced!) responses appealed to me. I’ll be looking you up!

  30. Steph Says:

    I decide to google Shaklee because I work with a different wellness company and today met someone who was interested in our company and was formally with Shaklee. She unfortunately had put out more money then she ever made. I became curious as our company is a green one as well. I wanted to see what, if anything, was similar (aside from being green and working from home). I, however, found there are MANY difference, thank goodness! I’m people driven so I always like to see what’s out there for others.

    The fact of the matter is, folks, multilevel marketing only works if your at the top. That’s why I joined our company. I had done MLM’s and knew how hard it was … You usually spend more than you make and the products are outrageously priced. Our company is the opposite. Although you can compare both with being green driven products, we aren’t distributers. The company is the ONLY distributer and profit shares 51% of their revenue WITH their customers. No one does that! We, who work from home, don’t sell products or carry any inventory. Yes, we use the products and talk about the products, but that’s because they are amazing and cost effective and we use them by CHOICE. You actually SAVE money as a customer and make money simply because you shared with others. It seems to me that Shaklee says that’s what they do, from reading this, that’s really not the case.

    Whatever the case is, what’s happening here is many complaints about the MLM business. Well, there IS another way to start your own business with a green amazing company with literal PROOF that the products do work and you will work from home with a lifetime of residual income. Your results are all up to you. You make what you put into it in terms of bonuses and advancements and the only thing that happens with those who enroll you is yes, they do make money, as they should, but they help you reach YOUR goals so you can actually hold a higher position than them depending what you personally put in. And that’s OK! I have never seen such a supportive company in my lifetime. It really is a wellness company in mind, body and soul … Its completion, if you will.

    I ask those who read this to not judge at home businesses or the people who work from home. Yes, most of these are MLM’s and have great concepts, but they’re just not possible for most to achieve. There are however, other business models like ours (and no, I’m not saying the name … lol). You can accomplish your goals and live your dreams. Companies like ours do exist … Well, at least ours does 😉

    If you want more information, feel free to contact me and for those who are upset with their Shaklee results, I’m so sorry. I hope you accomplish your dreams and if you truly want to enhance the lives of others (including your own) with amazing organic products, then please, check us out.


  31. Lori Says:

    How can I contact you Steph?
    Well I’ve learned alot today and was just trying to find somewhere for my mom to buy some Basic H. She sold it back in the 70’s and not for very long. She didn’t make any money, but she loved the product.

    I’m interested in my own business and would like to find out more about yours. I lost a $65,000 a year job and have now been unemployed for 4 years except for cleaning houses. Too hard on my 47 year old body.

    You said to contact you, but I didn’t see any contact information. Thanks a bunch!


  32. Sheryl Says:

    I think it’s funny Steph said network marketing only works if you’re at the top when Shaklee has people at every level who have been paid over a million dollars.

    AND … I quote, “Your results are all up to you. You make what you put into it in terms of bonuses and advancements and the only thing that happens with those who enroll you is yes, they do make money, as they should, but they help you reach YOUR goals so you can actually hold a higher position than them depending what you personally put in.” That is NETWORK MARKETING. 🙂

    That’s not a bad thing. I started with Shaklee to feel better and I did. Then I started making money – a lot of money. No other company I’ve been with has ever paid me what Shaklee does and NO OTHER COMPANY HAS AS MUCH CLINICAL DATA proving that the products work. There are also a million people who just take Shaklee because they want to be healthier or look younger. I have recently been treated for sarcoma cancer and two nurses and two doctors told me I was the strongest person my age they had tested. I told one I had a lot of prayer and take a powerful nutrition program – she said “it may have saved your life”.

    Even without a powerful patented comp plan, the products give people health assets, which you can’t put a price on. Sorry you had a bad experience Steph, but one thing you won’t find is dirt on Shaklee – they don’t try to make money on the reps – they give you every advantage – my little training site is – the password and username are both shaklee. It’s a free site that no one tracks – you don’t have to sign up and can use anything there.

    Good luck to you – working from home is a blessing – I’ve been full time Shaklee for 5 of the 6 1/2 years I’ve been with them.

    Make it an excellent day,

  33. Steph Says:


    You misunderstood!!!!!!!!!! I’m thrilled things are working for you!!!!!!! What I meant by your results being all up to you is the same in my company …. The difference is we are a total team … WE help each other get what we achieve, any help, any time and unselfishly. An example would be that if I had someone interested in our company whether a customer or someone who wants their own business, and I wasn’t around to help them, another person, doing EXACTLY what I do, would step in and help me. That’s how it works with us and has been successful for 27 years. In my first month I made more than I did in any MLM after 6 months and I work hard. Our compensation is different than yours and how we obtain it is also different … I don’t sell products. We are not an MLM. We are a consumer direct marketing company. Its similar in that we are green and strive for wellness, opportunity and a better way of life for all. Its how the company operates that’s different. We have former Shaklee people for this reason alone and ALL of them are doing much better with us … I’m sorry. This is WHY I looked up Shaklee. I like to be informed. I also have a need to help … You will make more with our company structure than any MLM (unless at the top) simply because of the way our compensation program works as opposed to a MLM. Again, I really am happy for you … However, it is rare to be you.

    I forgot to leave my email and number last time 🙂


    With a Smile,

  34. Steph Says:

    Also, Sheryl, I didn’t have a bad experience … I was never WITH Shaklee. I work with people who were and THEY had bad experiences. Yes, you have healthy products. You say you can not put a price on them. Ours have scientific back-up, and ours are proven to work better. As for putting a price on that, well, if they are better and work better and cost less, why would you buy the other.

    Once again, I AM happy for you, but you didn’t read my post … If you did, then your response didn’t make any sense. I just need to clarify that I wasn’t cutting down MLM’s or Shaklee. I was pointing out the difference and it was because of my knowledge, from seeing the difference w/MLM’s and I’m sorry, with former Shakee reps that are now happy with us. I took a look to further understand why. By the way, this thread began negatively and I read ALL of it so I’m very confused on your quote about how you won’t find anything negative on Shaklee … I wanted answers and read this because it wasn’t positive.

    Anyway, lol, enough said … Everyone should be happy with what they do and be proud of their company. You are. AGAIN, I think that’s GREAT! For all those who aren’t, there ARE other solutions, is all.


  35. Sheryl Says:

    Good luck to you Steph –
    Sorry if I misunderstood. There will always be people who say they worked a business and have better luck in another. Shaklee has paid 5 billion to the field. In one of my presentations on lookandlisten123 I publish the average incomes from several companies and Shaklee – there’s a lot of data to support the Shaklee comp plan.

    I’m glad you found a company you believe in. I too had been with other companies and never made what I make in Shaklee. When I was sick with cancer and didn’t work for 4 months, my business grew, and I still got paid.

    I’m also impressed with the heart and soul of our company, as I’m sure you are with yours. I’m not an exception with Shaklee. There are thousands of people who built businesses and haven’t done anything for years and are still getting paid. That is unheard of in network marketing. I love that they have a class because so many people have inherited Shaklee businesses that their parents, grandparents and great grandparents built.

    Be blessed!

  36. Shaklee Tard Says:

    Why does this lady get to use shaklee in her domain name? AND SHE’S BEEN DOING IT SINCE 2002! LAME – SHAKLEE SUCKS EVEN MORE

    Hmm is she even real? Josh Garber from Leadpick – I can’t type fast enough reporting them to the FCC. Woo hoo. They are violating new federal guidelines…

    LeadPick, LLC

    1813 Union Avenue
    Altoona, Pennsylvania 16601
    United States

    Registered through:, Inc.
    Domain Name: TRYSHAKLEE.COM
    Created on: 23-Oct-02
    Expires on: 23-Oct-11
    Last Updated on: 25-Oct-10

    Administrative Contact:
    Garber, Josh
    LeadPick, LLC
    1813 Union Avenue
    Altoona, Pennsylvania 16601
    United States

    Technical Contact:
    Admin, System
    AppCove, Inc.
    PO Box 1309
    Altoona, Pennsylvania 16603
    United States

    Domain servers in listed order: