Heinz Top This TV Challenge

Have you ever said to yourself “man, I could really use $57,000 right about now”?

Well here’s your chance…

Enter the Heinz Ketchup Top This TV Challenge today – you could win the money and go down in history.

All you need is a video camera and a kick-ass idea.

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Remember this great one?

Fun facts about Heinz Ketchup:

The company was founded in 1869 by the German Henry John Heinz in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania, United States

The company’s first product was horseradish, followed by pickles, and tomato ketchup.

The company’s famous slogan, “57 Varieties”, was chosen by Henry Heinz in 1892 after he saw an advertisement for “21 varieties of shoes” in an elevated train car in New York.

In 1919 Henry Heinz died, and control of the company passed to his son, Howard Heinz, who was then succeeded by H. J. Heinz II, in 1941.

By 1972, sales had reached the billion dollar mark. Today, Heinz sells more than 1,300 products worldwide ranging from ketchup to baby food.

H. J. Heinz II’s son was United States Senator from Pennsylvania John Heinz, who died in a plane crash on April 4, 1991. His widow, Teresa, married U.S. Senator from Massachusetts John Kerry in 1995.

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