Stores Open On Christmas Day – Walmart Open On Christmas

I would love to list all the different hours for all the different stores open on Christmas Day, but that would take far too long and quite frankly, I’d rather sit on my couch and watch Scrooged with Bill Murray – my all time favorite Christmas movie.

So instead, I’ll just give you a heads up on some of the stores that are open on Christmas. As with most everything, Christmas store hours are not the same everywhere, so be sure to check with your local stores for their various Christmas Day hours. Or go by the stores sometime this week or next and see if they have their Christmas Day store hours posted.

It’s fairly safe to assume that the larger grocery store chains, like Safeway and Ralph’s, will be open at least until early afternoon. As will drug stores like Walgreens, CVS and Rite-Aid, and most liquor stores.

For those of you who wake up Christmas morning and discover you’re out of coffee – and lord knows you’ll need it that day – Starbucks will be open. Walmart is open on Christmas Day, along with K-Mart and Best Buy; that works out nicely for when you need to go buy a replacement toy and it’s electrical parts because the “some assembly required” really meant “you’ll get so pissed off with all the small parts that you’ll throw it against the wall smashing it to bits.”

But I digress…..

If you’re traveling by air on Christmas Day don’t forget about the Airport Gift Shops. Sometimes you can actually find something pretty neat in there.

And as always, Chinese restaurants are open Christmas Day. I’ve eaten at a Chinese restaurant on New Year’s Eve before, but never on Christmas; it seems to be a pretty popular thing though.

Hopefully the stars will align and you won’t have a need to go shopping on Christmas Day – of course, that would be an ideal day to miss the crowds – but if you do, now you know that all sorts of stores are open on Christmas Day.

I don’t remember so many places being open on Christmas when I was a kid. Is it for capitalistic reasons? Or are we more aware that not everyone celebrates Christmas? Or maybe they all were open and I just wasn’t paying attention because all I cared about was getting another something Barbie.

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Stores Open on Christmas
Stores Open on Christmas Day

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47 Responses to “Stores Open On Christmas Day – Walmart Open On Christmas”
  1. Betty Says:

    I have been reading about stores being open on Christmas Day and it not being right. Growing up, I remember everything used to be closed on Christmas Day (New Year’s Day, too) except hospitals. Now, with the economy being so unstable and people being laid off left and right, I understand why major stores (Walmart, Kmart, etc.) have chosen to be open. They are not money hungry, as some chatters have indicated, but they want to help their employees keep their jobs by any means possible. Some chatters have even indicated that the company should pay their employees bonuses and close Christmas Day. With what? People are not shoppping like they used to so how can these companies give bonuses to their employees?

    I believe in the word of God but I also believe in the spirit of man, and woman, to survive. If it means working on Sunday, Christmas Day, etc., and I am quite sure God would not mind if I work on His Son’s birthday. Do you – especially if people are living pay day to pay day?

  2. Thomas Says:

    Plus, not everyone is Christian in this country.

    Plus, Jesus wasn’t actually born on December 25th.

  3. Enrique Says:

    It wouldn’t be bad to be open every holiday but christmas, oppening is a must so that shoppers can get the goodies to celebrate God’s son’s birthday.

  4. Eric Says:

    Apparently the word of God is that you’re supposed to be so poor that you have to work on Christmas Day (which isn’t Jesus Christ’s real birth date, BTW – check your historical facts). But that’s not a problem because the Christian Bible doesn’t forbid work on holidays or the Sabbath. Only the Jewish Bible requires that. So unless you’re Jewish and it’s a “yuntiff” (Shabbos, Yom Kippur, Rosh ha-Shannah, etc.), you can work.

  5. JFS Says:

    Not all employees–or shoppers–are Christian, nor are they required to be, last I checked. Forcing someone to work on Christmas is nasty, but closing stores without first asking for bona fide volunteers? What, exactly, does that achieve?

  6. dude Says:

    Xmas has nothing to do with god. Christ was born in the spring time of the jewish calendar which does not correspond w/ 12/25. Xmas is a pagan holiday based on the winter solstice celebration for the darkest day of the year. These are not my opinions or feelings they are verifiable facts… please google them and see for yourself. Christians have no idea what this holiday is about, and ask yourself what does Satan Claws oops meant santa claus have to do with xmas? wake up!

  7. Tina Says:

    Hello. I am a true Christian also. However if you have a job and are required to work, by any means necessary get there. I beleive that God understands that they way this world is going you, may have to work on Christmas, or Sundays. BUT when the church is open and you are off you will need to get there. Also if it is open during the week and you are off, that may substitute for your Sunday.

    Merry CHristmas

  8. chris Says:

    Actually you are very wrong, Best Buy has NEVER been open on Christmas day….

    I work there 🙂

  9. Mark Says:

    If you must shop on Christmas Day…
    04:44 PM PT, Dec 23 2008 Los Angeles Times
    Hoping for a sales boost, some major retailers kept their doors open on Thanksgiving. But that’s not going to happen on Christmas. So if you’re really late doing your shopping, you’ll have few choices beyond the usual minimarts, drug stores, video rental outlets and perhaps some mom and pop stores.

    Blockbuster spokesman Randy Hargrove said all stores will open from noon to 10 p.m. Walgreens spokesman Michael Polzin said its estimated 1,600 24-hour stores will have pharmacies open. The remaining 5,000 stores, Polzin said, will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. without pharmacy services. Rite Aid spokeswoman Cheryl Slavinsky said only their 24-hour stores will be open. All the other stores, Slavinsky said, will close Christmas Eve at 6 p.m.

    A recent report from the National Retail Federation said more consumers this year have delayed their shopping. Reports from both the International Council of Shopping Centers and Thomson Reuters on the holiday shopping season aren’t released yet. But Nordstrom spokeswoman Brooke White doesn’t need to consult them before summing up how the holiday shopping season fared in 2008.

    “It’s the most difficult time we’ve experienced in retailing since the Great Depression,” she said.

    Despite the grim economic outlook, no major chains appear to have decided to stay open on Christmas in hopes of luring more last-minute shoppers. Spokespeople for Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us, Nordstrom, Kmart and Sears said their stores will be closed on Christmas. All of them said store officials never discussed the possibility of staying open on Dec. 25.

    “Our company is big in giving time to certain sacred days,” said Margie Kenney, manager of a Best Buy on La Brea Avenue. in West Hollywood. “We want to give our employees time to spend with their family.”

  10. RD Says:

    I think the thing to take away from all this is that not everyone in the country even celebrates Christmas. People of other religions, nationalities, etc. And also, some people I know enjoy working on Dec 25th because of holiday pay.

    RD’s last blog post..One-Nut Lance Is Having A Baby And Pete Wentz Is In The Dog House.

  11. Sharon Says:

    One correction – Dec. 25th is not “His Son’s Birthday”. Any biblical scholar will tell you that Jesus was born in the summer and that Christmas only began when Christian leaders wanted to “convert” the Pagans to Christianity, so they chose a date in which Pagan’s used to celebrate their holiday and turned it into Christmas.

  12. Gabriel Says:

    Well Betty,
    I don’t know what “Word” you read, but thankfully in my Bible, it never says that Jesus ‘birthday’ on the 25th, nor does it mention to even celebrate it. So stores staying open is a good thing… as far as your belief in the Word of God… make sure you know what is in your Word before you add your own words to it.

  13. birdie Says:

    I stopped by San Antonio Winer off 60/15 at 3pm on xmas eve. They were supposed to have closed at 2pm. Cars were coming by the dozens just to buy their wine which is NOT available in any local stores. This comes as amazing since there are so many BevMo stores opening up that have thousands of wines at great prices from more popular wineries from around the world. I don’t know if they decided to close but as far as I’m concerned they should have stayed open as long as people wanted to buy their product. In this economy the fact people drove so far for their product means something. It must be pretty awesome. And as a customer service it would be a crime to close and lose all the faithful customers that so love their wine.

  14. Bev Wart Says:

    Who cares when He was actually born? Dec. 25 is the chosen day to celebrate it! I have a birthday, but it is not necessarily the day it is celebrated. I am 66, and my birthday will not necessarily be celebrated on the tenth. Both of my kids and their spouses are working. My five grandchildren have no idea of what is going on with the economy. I do love all of them, and will do anything I need to do to for their survival. PERIOD!

  15. Robbie Says:

    Walmart open on Christmas,isn’t about keeping jobs in this economy. It’s about doing anything they can to get long time employees to leave Walmart. Get full time people to leave so they can hire part only, at a lot lower rate

  16. Heather Says:

    Of course you people want Walmart to be open on Christmas day!!! You have the day off and don’t have to work there!!!! I on the other hand do have to work there… along with EVERY other holiday. This is our one holiday off to spend time with our family and they are trying to take that away from us. So what about us that DO celebrate Christmas? Think about others…..

  17. Angela Says:


  18. Best Buy Employee Says:

    No Best Buys are open on Christmas either… just saying…

  19. Tim Says:

    HEY Dan save the right wing diatribe for the politico blogs…. Not everyone agree’s with you and NO I don’t have to leave. I will stay and exercise my freedom’s of speech. BTW Dan you must be sooo much fun to hang around with.

  20. tj Says:

    yall are some dumb f**** and yall need to get a life

  21. you suk Says:

    you are so rong whoever posted this…..i mean rly? WALMART, TARGET, AND BEST BUY ARE NOT OPEN…dude it was on news helo?????? i wuldnt post first if i didnt know for sure ya noe….i wuldnt post based on what i thot because i also thot that they were opening on Christmas but nope….news check…apparently NOT!!!!

  22. cano Says:

    You go bev Ward, you told them. That the date we chose to celabrate our SAVIOR, THE KING OF KINGS, it is prober to give him his day. because if it was not for him you would be lost or a chose. This country was founded on his princible if you do not like it then move to another country.

  23. Lucas Says:

    For thouse people that are saying about Jesus Birthday, he was not born on dec. 25., The Xmas Day was invented to stimulate economi all around the world, its the only time that the WHOLE world go shopping presents. Xmas day is JUST a MARKETING plan ! Don’t be stuppid and ignorant to not be able to see this.How old is Xmas day ? Its not sence Jesus was Born/Died, its been created LONG time after…

  24. Daniel Says:

    “Also, we could use a little common sense in parenting. Keep the government out of partenting. It doesn’t take a village, it takes 2 responsible parents, a man and a woman. Not a gay couple trying to emulate something of a family. A real family made of what God created us to be.”


    “Oh, would you please speak English so we can understand you, for cryin’ out loud? You lost the war, so get on with your life, in an American fashion or go back to your home land.”


  25. Josh Says:

    All Wal-Mart stores are closed from 8pm Dec 24th until 6am Dec 26.

  26. factcheck Says:

    Where does this information come from? The major retailers do not open on Christmas.

  27. Steve Says:

    Actually, He was born on the Biblical feast of Trumpets, Yom Teruah, in the fall. His cousin, John the Baptist, was born in the spring at the time of Passover, Pesach. Six months later, the fall feasts start. Yeshua, His name in Hebrew, has fulfilled the Biblical spring feasts, and will return on the Feast of Trumpets to complete or fulfill the Fall Feasts….Trumpets (Yom Teruah), Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), and Tabernacles (Sukkot). However, if you really want to know who’s birthday you are celabrating, research Attis. Born on the winter solstice, died on black Friday, and resurrected on Easter Sunday. He was worshipped for 300 years before Yeshua’s death, burial, and resurection on Vatican Hill (Rome). Attis was known as the “savior of the world” by his followers, and that his blood would redeem the world. Sound familiar to Jesus? That’s becuase the Jesus of Christianity is a pagan counterfit to the Biblical Messiah. The name Jesus did not exist prior to 1620, as the letter “J” did not exist till then. Get a copy of Geneva Bible, the one used before KJV, and you will see His name is Yeshua. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but if you really want to serve the God of the Bible, know the origins of what you are doing. Jeremiah 10 will detail the origins of the pagan Christmas tree. Christmas is correctly known as Christ mass as it originally celebrates his crucifiction, not death. Catholocism has promoted the anti-christ in adopting pagan customs over Biblically ordained feasts. If you want to celebrate His death, celebrate Passover. His resurrection? Celebrate Feast of First Fruits. His giving of the Holy Spirit? Celebrate Shavuot (aka Pentecost) that is connected to Passover, not Easter (who by the way is the Babylonian pagan fertility goddess that was Attis’ lover). His birth? Feast of Trumpets (Yom Teruah). For every pagan counterfeit, there is a real Biblical feast that was established by God Himself. We have been robbed of the truth. Seek it out for yourself. If you really want to know that is. I pray you do your own homework, as one day we will all have to answer to Him as to why we did what we did, and if our lives lined up with the Word of God or to the traditions of men. Blessings in Messiah Yeshua.

    As for Walmart, I’m on my way right now. Need more hangers.

  28. Rae Says:

    I think the whole Christmas season has been turned into a joke over many many many many years. I am no biblical scholar as I am still studying (along with several other studies) I can tell you that I find Christmas to be a joke. It is not Jesus son of Mary’s birthday, it is a pagan holiday, and the fact that in so many churches they so blindly continue to insist that science is wrong is quite pathetic. I am a woman of faith. I will not reveal that faith though you would be most surprised….however I am very well educated and am not so impressed with my own significance or my religions significance that I am willing to overlook and outright deny the facts. According to our rights in the United States of America if you so choose to celebrate a certain holiday then that of course is your right and you should not be chastised for doing so. However, expecting the rest of the world to bow to the whim of your religious preference, however majority it may be, is quite unbecoming, ignorant, and unconstitutional. If a privately owned store wishes to close it’s doors for a certain holiday it is legal is justified. If they choose to stay open it is legal and justified. Now there is no sense in ridiculing others based on their belief system, to those of you who are educated, not everyone has had the same “gumption” as it were to further in areas of expertise.

    Have an enjoyable winter season. Enjoy the lights that decorate our homes and make this dark season a bit less dreary. Eat, drink, and be merry as that is what keeps the spirits high and the hearts warm. For other appendages I recommend clothing!

  29. Destiny Says:

    I also work at Wal-Mart… in Ohio. Not open today, thankfully.

  30. Chaz Says:

    You people are all idiots. Wal-mart is NOT open on Christmas and closed at 8 on Christmas Eve. So stop judging people and go to church.

  31. PJ Says:

    So Hilary…did you just totally make this stuff up? Walmart, Kmart, and Best Buy are not open on Christmas day.

  32. Becky Says:

    You all think its so bad that stores close on christmas. I dont have a family to spend the holidays with. SO many ppl out tehre can work on the holidays even if they have a family. last time i checked my bills dont stop for any date on the calander no matter what its ofr. Not all of us belive in jesus and all that religous crap. who is to say i shouldnt be able to go n get milk that i ran out of or last minute things. people do need things on x.mas and any other holiday that closes. im sure stores can ask who is willing to work x.mas…pay me….ILL WORK on xmas because i realize that what family i do have will be there the next tomarrow and that i can spend that day with them. N the ones that are complaining cause they work at walmart……The World shouldnt have to stop because one book says december 25th is important…. i think January 7th is when he was born …should i shut down every store that day to….what if ppl idnt wanna work that day to… huh?

  33. Roger H Says:

    Walmart is so dang greedy they are so money hungry that everything they sell anymore is made in China, or some other country other than America. They need to keep their doors open on Christmas day, and every other holiday. McDonald’s is also closed today, and was closed early yesterday as well. How bout those people who have no where to go for the Christmas holiday, or any other holiday, and they rely on getting something to eat at a fast food restaurant?
    They don’t give A RAT’S BEHIND!!!!!

    Corporate greed don’t care about people, and their needs. Don’t let them fool you…………

  34. Josh Says:

    PLEASE NOTE: I’ve worked at Wal-mart since 2006. Wal-mart has never been open for Christmas.

  35. Robbie Says:

    Josh, wait til next year. I work for them also and and Roger H. seems to sum it up. Our store is on a pilot program………and H.O. loves it !

  36. Jessica Says:

    My store stayed open Thanksgiving through Black Friday, and added on an extra two hours for Christmas Eve, putting employees off from about 8:00 when the store closed, and some until almost 9:00. They are also keeping regular business hours through New Year’s Eve, AND New Years Day. I have seen rumors circulating on the web and people uncertain that Wal-Mart will or will not be open. I am not sure if this is true for other stores. As for mine, having pulled every Christmas and New Years Eve since I started, I’m lucky to have off on New Year’s Eve with my husband who also works there. I understand that one person to a big corporation may not matter, but we also can’t forget that individuals run and work for that corporation, and I am thankful to know there are a few good ones.

    Almost everyone, including management at my store has continued to work hard this hoiiday season. While some of us, myself included, are not happy about doing extra work and staying open later on holidays, most of us are still doing our job and then some with little or no outward complaint. With the economic problems we are experiencing, I realize that yes, some people are money-hungry, and yes, Wal-Mart makes billions. I also consider myself a good Christian, and I try to go to church (before work) on Sundays. The truth is everyone needs or wants money.

    Understand the importance of extra hours and less freedom on the holidays: if individual stores can’t make money, how can they pay their employees? My mother was a paralegal for several years, and she has been unemployed since April (she can’t work a standing job). Employees should consider themselves lucky to have jobs from which they are in no danger of being laid off.

    As full-time employees, my husband and I have good medical coverage with low premiums, and bosses who try not to cut too many hours from their employees when they can avoid it. Neither are easy to come by right now, and while I don’t intend to make retail a long-term career, and I may have suffered a little bit in the process, I speak for a lot of people when I say these are trying times, and let us all be thankful to have a guaranteed paycheck in our pockets (or bank accounts).

  37. Jason Says:

    Out of all the post on this blog, only one has made any since. Steve a couple post up made the point that Christmas, Easter, New Years, Halloween and most of the known holidays are all pagan in origin. I have one correction to that post though; the Messiah wasn’t born on Rosh Hashanah (Trumpets), that Festival represents Yeshua’s Return for the remnant of HaDerech (The Way/Believers) followed by Yom Kippur (Atonement) the Great Throne Judgment. Then comes Sukkot (Tabernacles) which corresponds with the New Heaven and New Earth (The Messianic Age) which is also the correct time of Yeshua’s birth. He was born on the first day of Sukkot and circumcised on the eighth and last day of Sukkot which represent the long awaited Eternity with Adonai Eloheinu (The LORD our G-d)! SHALOM, Peace be with you.

  38. chris Says:

    I think some owners keep their stores open on holidays is so that they can serve people who need to buy something on those days. maybe my way of thinking is a bit innocent, but wouldn’t it be nice of those owners to spend their holidays making sure that people can buy what they need?

  39. Chris Says:

    Really Chris… so you think that they should open all their stores… Do you realize that means at least 100 people per store would not get to spend Christmas with their families! (that’s how many work at our store a day) Buy the stuff you need before Christmas… your fault if you don’t get it then. Walmart is closed ONE day a year… that’s it… if you people can’t survive without walmart ONE day… you have a problem. Those employees would like to spend time with their families just like you get to do… greedy ass people.

  40. bob Says:

    For me it’s not so much the Jesus issue, as someone who has to work in these kinds of places to pay for college, I get aggravated when the possiblity of me working on Christmas day comes around. I work every other holiday, and yet I want one day off. I’ll even work Christmas Eve. But not Christmas Day. It’s corporate greed that irritates me. On Christmas Day, my workplace is open one shift and they pay the employees double to work that day. It adds up to maybe a thousand extra dollars into the billion dollar corporation’s pocket. Chump change not worth it. What really really gets me though, is that yes they are paying me double but the higher ups are enjoying Christmas and the new bonus we just earned them. I despise people that shop on Christmas Day because there are 364 other days in the year-can you not freaking wait one day? My grandmother told me a story: My uncle was a newborn and she took a weekend trip. She forgot the pacifier. It was too late stores were closed. He screamed and cried the whole time. She learned to be prepared from that point on. Nowadays we have places open on Christmas for greed and for the irresponsible people that can’t buy gifts on time. Not to mention that fat lazy ones that just can’t take one day and cook for themselves. One day. Thats all. One freaking day for everyone to enjoy the time with their family. And we have people working because someone wants to buy a sweater on Christmas Day. If someone is Jewish, I am sorry. They should have their time for Hanukkah it’s only fair. For the rest, the majority of this nation is indeed Christian so some are gonna have to wait until December 26th to shop. Thats the way it should be.

  41. Lisa Says:

    walmart is NOT open on Christmas day. That is the only day of the year the company closes its doors

  42. Denise Says:


  43. tonya Says:

    walmart is not open on christmas, its the only day out of the year walmart is closed. i would know, i work there

  44. JEANNE Says:

    WHO CARES !!!

  45. bobby Says:

    If Christmas is a pagan holiday, why isn’t there a true date where we can celebrate the birth of our lord?

  46. nikki Says:

    i freakin wish walmart was open because i need freakin butter
    i am not christain so i am punished. i cant go to the freakin grocery store. unfair. just checked like 7 stores. i want to go back to the west coast

  47. mims Says:

    Some of us WANT to use this day to celebrate Jesus’ birthday, and that is fine. We also use this day to share with other people, to show we save a special day for them, and that’s a good thing. I even think it is cool to have this day -to actually sacrifice time and money to give to others we care about, OR some folks we’ve never met who may be less fortunate. Y not? How many of us would give so generously to others IF there was NOT set aside this special day??? It is great that so many do this at the same time, also; what a party! What an awesome day we have to keep special -SO FAR! Look at the positive side…