Sailor Moon Games.

In the spirit of learning something new every day… we’re going to learn a bit about Sailor Moon Games.

Did you know that the Japanese Anime character Sailor Moon actually means “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon?”

Neither did I!
Did you know that this is what it looks like in Japanese?

sailor moon in japanese

Neither did I!

We just learned two things! That’s enough for today and tomorrow.

But there’s always room for more.

Here’s a little something new for Friday…..Sailor Moon is back with a brand new video game, Destiny Revival.

If that’s a little too advanced for you, start with a Sailor Moon Dress Up Game.

Or maybe a Sailor Moon Puzzle Game.

Sailor Moon Games

48 Responses to “Sailor Moon Games.”
  1. SERENA Says:


  2. Noron Says:

    Sailor Moon is my favorit cartoon movie! I really love it! Specially i like Setsuna Meioh..))

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  4. Noron Says:

    Sailor moon is my favorite cartoon movie! I really love it! Specially i like Setsuna Meiohn!….

  5. karolina Says:


  6. jasmeen Says:

    u rock sailor moon

  7. Shirley Says:

    Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon is so CUTE! I wish I was Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon!

  8. Shirley Says:

    Go Salor Moon and also Sailor Mini Moon, they are the BEST!

  9. 008 Says:

    Salir moon it stinks. see Dragon ball, this is a real film

  10. SERENA Says:

    sailor moon is so cool!!!

  11. Shellby Says:

    I love Sailor Moon Sailor Venus Rocks! I love dressing up the sailor soliders on cartoondollemporium!

  12. toghertoocute Says:

    Sailor Moon is my alltime Favourite TV show it is so awesome. I wish I had her powers

  13. ??? Says:

    i love sailor moon she so cool but i like mars to i just started looking at it on youtub i am on ep 28

  14. ??? Says:

    cool i been looking at it i never seen it be for but i new sailor moon was the moon princess

  15. monika Says:

    AI love Sailor Moon and Sailor March

  16. MONIKA Says:

    hi friends.could give me your e-mail add for a contact with you.please write your e-mail here.sorry i dont write well because im albanian.with respect. monika 9 years old.LOVE SAILOR MOON

  17. ??? Says:

    cool i am reading the english sub can’t get them in english
    and it nice

  18. ALBERITA Says:

    the sailor venus is the best and sailor mars i love the sailor venus she is the best also sailor mercury i love so much iii dua shum sailor benus,mars , merkur

  19. lita+venus Says:

    shum i mir sailor moon e dua shum sailor venus .
    ajo eshte ma e mira e duuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa shum me pelqejn floket e saja dhe ngjyra e saj e duuuuuuaaaaa shummmmmmm IIIIIII love sailor

  20. ??? Says:

    nice well did u no 200 is the last episoide

  21. sailor sun Says:

    i still think it is cool

  22. monika Says:

    Unë e dua shumë luftetarën e hënes,merkurin ,marsin,jupiterin,venusin., dhe luftëtarën e vogel te henes

  23. sailor sun Says:

    i am so upset i have just fhinesd sailor moon so i whis there was 201

  24. Usagi Says:

    SAilor Moon is the coolest show ever. I love watching episodes that are Japanese with english subtitles. Sometimes the episodes like that never got translated into english.

  25. Usagi Says:

    There are so many varieties of the show too!

  26. sailor sun Says:

    i like the sailor moon movies i am over a fan i am a super fan becaus i am have made my own one called sailor sun

  27. dorotea Says:

    sailor moon is very good i love sailor moon

  28. sailor sun Says:

    hi i love sailor moon i am getting a new sailor moon back grond

  29. Minako Aino Says:

    Ya these games are kinda lame… Sailor Venus is my favorite btw ^^

  30. Emily Says:

    i love the sailor moon games and they are so cool but can you please get more games and totally spies and power puff girls and more prinables on it to.

  31. Tuskino Usagi Says:

    Sailor Moon is the best Anime/Manga Show there ever was on tv it rock the house and sailor moon does Michael Jacksons Dance Thriller on youtube!!!

  32. Sailor Moon Says:


  33. Danielle Fraga Says:

    I used to watch sailor moon all the time when i was little and i miss it so much that and being little

  34. Shanie Says:

    I love Sailor Moon so much that if I was her I would do it over!

  35. salior star Says:

    i love salior moon so much im 8 and still loving it my fav epsod is the baby siting one also i love ther them song

  36. salior star Says:

    monn prism pawor so cool I LOVE SALIOR MOON YAY

  37. salior star Says:

    you rok saqlior moon im your bigist fan

    go salior moon yay im 8 and its so grat also my fav epsod is the baby siting one but i gust wish it wold come on cartoon network agan well as i was saing urle ur

  38. ela venus Says:

    mua me pelqen shum sailor venus po ashtu edhe te tjerat

  39. ela venus Says:

    my favorite sailor venus

  40. princess serenity Says:

    i want sailormoon games

    and movie

  41. saskia Says:

    salior moon……:) i love u…….

  42. sailor mini moon Says:

    hi im sailor mini moon and i love SAILOR MOON!

  43. kaltrina Says:

    une une i dua luftetaret e henes dhe luftetaren e mini henes kur e therret pegasusin eshte shume e mir dhe e pelqej une e pelqej edhe mbretereshen e henes e cila quhje Serentin ajo eshte nena e sabrines dh e pelqej shum ilove you sailor moon mini moon sailor says

  44. Gabby Says:

    I love sailor moon i have been a fan forever i love mars but im starting to really love Jupiter

  45. sailor destiny Says:

    oh my gosh i love sailor moon she has been my hero for a long time im thinking about being her for holloween instade of a navi frome AVATAR can yall tell me what u think

  46. Sailor Moon Says:

    I love sailor moon. I worship her!!!!!!!

  47. alesia furreraj Says:

    wow sailor moon is beautiful her friends too the film and the girls and the enemies oh man are annoying.i know that i am a girl but my favourite is naruto uzzumaki and naruto shippuden watch it everyone is the best !

  48. Sailor Moon Games Says:

    I didn’t know there is a video game of Sailor Moon. I am going to try find it.