Armando Montelongo – Flip And Grow Rich. And Don’t Piss Yourself.

When deciding on a place to hold their real estate seminar, I bet they thought beautiful San Francisco would be the perfect place. They were wrong.

I’ve been to real estate seminars before, but this one takes the cake on crazy. I went to listen to the one and only Armando Montelongo (of A&E’s “Flip This House”) talk about how he built his real estate flipping empire, and what has brought him to where he is today.

Others however, very clearly attended solely for the offered $250 gas card. This event, mind you, was by invitation – invitations that were totally and completely mailed to the wrong list of people. I would venture to guess that at least 10% of the people in attendance didn’t even have cars. Or permanent homes, for that matter.

Armando Montelongo Flip And Grow Rich

During the first speaker of the day, I noticed a man and a woman take their chairs from their designated spots, and move them over to the side in front of a door leading out of the conference room. I didn’t really think much of it, and then I noticed one of the seminar people telling the couple they could not block the doorway. The man motioned towards a woman in the row in which they were previously seated and, I gathered, informed the seminar guy why they had moved. A few minutes went by before the seminar guy came back, walked past the relocated couple, and tapped the woman in the now abandoned row on her shoulder, motioning for her to follow him. As she stood and followed the man towards the back of the room, it became very clear to me – and my nose – why the couple had relocated and why this woman was now being escorted from the room. Let’s just say, I’ve been in traffic port-o-potties that have smelled better than the removed woman.

Needless to say, the seminar progressed with the soiled woman outside of the conference room.

The first speaker finished and everyone was released for a short break. It was at this time that I had to leave the city for a bit and take care of some family business, returning as the third speaker was finishing up.

The fourth and final speaker was Armando Montelongo, who was sitting in the back of room watching the audience. An audience that at this point had increased their level of rudeness and disrespect by talking amongst themselves and simply not paying attention to the speaker. But why should they? After all, they were only there for the free gas card.

This fact did not go unnoticed by Armando Montelongo who clearly saw that something was a bit off with the crowd. Bold and outspoken, he wasn’t afraid to share his anger and frustration with us all.

He called the audience rude, and unfocused, and noisy – and he was right. Armando Montelongo is blunt and honest, and I admire that in him. I hate going to things like this, with a rude audience, and the speakers just go about their speech, seeming to notice nothing. But not Armando; he made it very clear that he thought a lot of the people had no business being there. He also called them out on only being there for the gas card; which, come to find out, is not as easy to use as it sounds. I have a feeling a lot of the people there who really shouldn’t have been (like the ones without cars or even homes) thought the gas cards were going to be like an actual gift card they could sell.

All that craziness aside, Armando Montelongo had a lot of great information to share and I actually learned quite a bit – about Armando as a person, and as a business man. My previous knowledge of him was what I saw on Flip This House; he was arrogant, with a bad temper and short fuse, but he knew his stuff. Turns out, he really does know his stuff and he’s actually a normal guy with a deep love for his wife and child, and absolutely no patience for rude and disrespectful audiences. Oh, and he’s got lots and lots of money.

Armando Montelongo’s Flip and Grow Rich

flip and grow rich armando montelongo

Image Source: Armando Montelongo

40 Responses to “Armando Montelongo – Flip And Grow Rich. And Don’t Piss Yourself.”
  1. Deb Says:

    You said in your post that the $250 gas card was not as easy as it sounds. Could you elaborate on that? I’m considering attending the seminar, but can’t spare the 8 hours unless there is a legitimate $250 compensation involved.


  2. Hilary Shepherd Says:

    Hi Deb,

    You get a voucher supplied by a company called FreeGas Central, then go online to and enter the Gift Code. The not-so-easy part of it all is that you have to keep all your gas receipts for the month then send them in to the company who will then send you a $25 gift card to be used at the gas station you use. You don’t have to use the exact same station, but the brand has to be the same each time. You do this month after month. For me, it was just too much work and too much to keep track of. You might be able to find out more on the website.

    If you’re at all interested in Real Estate, I really think Armando is worth seeing. Hopefully your crowd will be better than mine.


  3. abby Says:

    I thought Armando was crazy when i seen him on TV. After purchasing his course and making money i realized he definitely knows his stuff. I also had the privilege of meeting him and his wife. The fact that they are just regular people gave me motivation. I say to the haters keep hating they are just making him more famous.

  4. Sandra Says:

    Thank you for the blog, I thought it was very interesting. I can see why some people have such a negative attititude (on other sites) about this guy. He can rub you the wrong way if you let it get to you, althought the show is amped up for ratings, no doubt. HOWEVER, the bottom line is that if his information works and is worth the money, that’s ALL that matters. I take someone blunt and honest in a heartbeat instead of a some worthless smooth talker his/her way through. Honesty and frankness is all that matters. He seems to me ‘what you see is what what get’ kind of guy.

  5. Marvin Arts Says:

    Hi my name is Marvin, I recently purchased Armandos home study real estate course.
    It’s great but I’m having problems with locating the money needed to make the deals. I’ve talked over 40 hard money lenders, all of them give me the same story, they won’t lend you any money unless you have credit score 640 or above.
    I called Armandos coaching, no one is willing to help me find another approach to try to get capital for what I’m trying to do. His words are, he will not let you fail, so why is it so hard to just get someone to answer a question. I need help, can someone out there help me with just some answers. I can be reached at 214-412-9043 anytime.

  6. STEVE Says:

    armando is full of crap…. dont buy anything from this scam artis…. make sure you research him and his stupid “get rich quick” bull@@@@. I have flipped 5 houses the past 4 years…. its hard work…

  7. STEVE Says:

    sandra, pull your head out your ass…. Research him and his family public records for bandera county, tx…. he has over 10 lawsuits against him… that are active!! Marvin…. if you cant get financed through a bank…you have no business trying to get a hard cash loan… the rate alone will put you in serious debt!!.. dont you get it, you just got screwed….by him. sucker.

  8. Armando Montelongo Sucks Says:

    I don’t know whats going on with Armando Montelongo & his Flip And Grow Rich course, but every time I go to the Armando Montelongo site it’s jacked up or isn’t functioning correctly. When I go to different pages they are all the same.

    I also signed up for his affiliate program & have been getting leads but I am not getting paid & am unable to login to view my sales. I wonder if they are doing the same thing with this program as they did in Texas?

    I have emailed tech support MANY times & never got a response. Appears their contact form is broken.

    Out of desperation I tried emailing Armando Montelongo & his wife both via Myspace trying to get a response from him. Natta…

    Last month I finally got a response from someone in tech support, they said they would look into it & get back to me the next day. Natta. Now my affiliate account is suspended…

    What a guy Armando Montelongo is! I can’t believe Mike Filsaime & Joel Therien actually worked with this guy…

  9. BloughMee Says:

    You people have gotta be kidding – dudes like this greasy “Armando” buying crap properties…slamming a coat of paint over the rotten spots, and then selling them to some unsuspecting schmuck for 5x what they were worth is what got our economy in the mess it’s in. When GWB wanted every American to own a home… he was thinking “at normal market prices” .. NOT prices inflated by a factor of FIVE in some markets. That’s right.. thanks to gray-line criminals like the “House Flippers” coupled with the equally gray-line criminal lenders… we had houses in Orlando, and San Diego, and Las Vegas, and thousands of other places in the USA suddenly selling for 3-5X what they were actually worth, often with a bunch of horribly executed “repairs” by people with zero.. ZERO… trade skills. All that crap will have to be torn out and re-done once prices come back to earth. WHAT A JOKE.

  10. A Vega Says:

    In regards to the comments made by “BloughMee,” your ignorance is mind boggling! People flipping homes or buying any marketable products low and selling for a profit is the cornerstone of our free enterprise system. A good price is whatever the market will bear at that time and at that place, whether the product was sold for a 10% profit margin or a 200% profit margin. If someone had the know how to buy far below what you or I could acquire that product or service for resale, God bless them, so long as they aren’t putting a gun to anyone’s head to buy the product or service. As for your racist remark referring to a “Hispanic” business man, Armando Montelongo, as “greasy, be careful, its a very good way to get your redneck ass kicked. Why can’t people agree to disagree in a respectful manner without such offensive remarks. I can assure you that most individuals will view your comments as more relevant and worth considering if you omit your bigotted references, even if they disagree with your position. Please rethink your approach in attempting to provide your differing view in affording anyone constructive criticism. Think about it!

  11. Ripped Off Says:

    Always remember, it if sounds too good to be true- it probably is.

    AND………..anyone who tempts you w/ free gas via—these people are rip off artists out of Florida.

    Don’t know how much they scam from the bs. that uses their fake promo, but
    consumers get ripped off of $5 to set up the rebate for the free gas.

    Guess who gets gassed! Anything that seems like a confidence game-it is!!!!

  12. Rocky Says:

    It seems as if the people who have the most problems are the people who are the least willing to do the work.. I mean the only person here with a semi-valid complaint is the gentlemen with the hard money issue and even he seems content to allow others to do the work for him. I mean he has talked to 6 hard money lenders… there are thousands out there. I mean it took edison something like 10,000 tries to invent the light bulb. what if he had stopped after 6? would we still be in the dark? or would someone else have taken edison’s place? If you are looking for a way to become rich off the sweat of Armondo’s back and you fail the quite simply you have earned your results. he gives YOU the tools to make it happen yourself, you still have to be willing to do the work.. i was on the fence about this product but the naysayers have sold me on it..

  13. Marvin Arts Says:

    To the author Rocky in response to your comment, you are so right, I did
    find myself pondering on what I should do, Armando did give me the tools
    to use and it’s up to me to find the resources that I need and use the
    knowledge that I paid for to make the changes in my life that I want to
    make, and that’s why I’m still at beating the pavement, I’m going to
    make it happen for myself. I do appreciate your feedback.

    Thanks You Sincerely

  14. Freeman J Says:

    I have to show my appreciation to Rocky for his comments, real valid. You find a lot of negativity around, because we tend to expect the “I Dream of Jeanie” approach. Pay the money “twiggle the nose” and magically all appears. All I wont is to get some legitimate feedback, from someone who has actually got started through Armando’s program, that’s all. It seems more people have comments, but none have actually tried. I don’t need a personal bio on the man and his family. Thanks.

  15. Marvin Arts Says:

    To Freeman J, I’m one person who has been working on Armando’s program,
    I have to say that I believe in his methods and so far things have been
    working out. I have run into some challenges like with anything that’s a
    part of learning, I shall overcome and I will get there.

  16. TCI Says:

    I have been flipping houses without Armandos books or systems and have been very successfull,Now that my LLC is growing large I needed some direction on controlling the monster I unleashed, Armondos book was a real confidence builder confirming the systems and business aplications I came up with on my own were correct..I will disregard alot of negative comments used here , as far as I can tell just your comments alone show the the lack of experience and knowledge you have in the business..I may never buy armandos system, But I dont like to see noobs spaming someone who is sincerly trying to help.Maby its for you, maby its not but if your not succesfull by now and you have so much experience dont you think soemthing is wrong?

    “Steve” you say you have flipped four houses the past year and its alot of work, I fiped four houses last month with very little effort, and knowing this Iam wondering if your just a remodle contractor trying to make his own work and not a true flipper, for one if your not doign the work why was it so much work? you do the work yourself. Did you sale the house yourself? My broker and auction team handle that. All Iam doing is searchin the internet and checking emails for leads driving over peeking at the property and comps haveing lunch and contracting the purchase over the phone.
    Sounds liek you got a lot to learn before you go talkign smack about the big dogs..

  17. james Says:

    Thanks TCI, your opinion helped i just watched a show with him but im still not sure if i should order his book and cd. Its free so if anyone has an opinion on if i should try this please share your opinion

  18. Chris Says:

    Wow TCI, from the amount of spelling errors in your post, I now know that you don’t have to pass 5th grade English in order to own your own business. Thanks, I’m going to drop out of middle school and use my parents money to start flipping houses!

  19. tim Says:


    You are a jackass! You know nothing about the Real Estate meltdown. I’m not sticking up for Armando… It’s jackasses like you that caused the problem by purchasing properties you could not afford, take personal resposibility instead of blaming others for your woes.

    P.S. your stupid!

  20. jesse Says:

    his maybe stupid but he get 12 million each year
    so fu*k you

  21. david Says:

    ok lol I already wrote this ad last time it was very detailed but considering it just got erased I’m just going to jump to the point I’m 21 have been researching ways to flip houses since I was 15. Any one can get list of houses call any real estate company and ask for the foreclosure list I your area you’ll get it for usually 1 buck. Go to the obituaries ppl that didn’t have will lots of times there houses will be sold at auctions. etc… also any program that says you can buy a house at an auction with no money is bogus Washington state R.C.W states in regulations that when buying a home from a auction you have to get your card first witch is free but if you win a bid you must pay in full then you can not leave no matter how fast you will return, the last one was more detailed any way you say you want to help this id free ok then why not just post the cd on your site or email it to ppl in all actuality this would save you money on materials and a headache after you posted it or set up a link so it could be e mailed out you wouldn’t never have to mess with it again and you could still pull your links when ever you wanted. really what I’m gettin at is if you were really so broke and really want to help those that are or were like you, you wouldn’t make it were you have to have a credit card because the way you explained things earlier you were to broke to have one so what makes you think the ppl your claiming to want to help has one?

    Just one more thing I’ve never seen some one who was as broke as you look down on the misfortunate and the fist thing on this site was talking about that lady that was removed from your seminar because she smelled. Well my guess id she was at rock bottom and you the broke guy that made it booted her out. I thought you were cool on tv but when I got on your site and read that I had a feelin you’re a fraud. Now I can’t say you are but I’m from the ghetto. I grew up ruff and most my life have been incarcerated I’ve always found ways to learn I love to learn success is the greatest revenge and I’ve made to point were I had so much money I couldn’t fit my hands in my pockets, yet I never looked down on the misfortunate knowing they are truly my ppl that is where I came from and if it was me I would put her at the head of that seminar with me. Any one that said anything about it I would have known were not my kind of ppl; so I would have kicked them out. It is really misfortunate ppl portray themselves as having it hard to give ppl that do have it hard hopes of turning there life around and still be the same person to shut the door in there face. Either you’re a liar or you forgot were you came from. I don’t even know what’s worse.

  22. Klaus Says:

    It is very difficult to trust anyone these days. If I had a way of making lots of money I would be busy doing that. These people make money selling their systems, scams, etc.

  23. Javier Says:

    Klaus do you even know who Armando Montelongo is?

  24. SteveW Says:

    Wow, so this a site to hype Armando and his scam, opps, I mean system?

    Very clever the way it links to his site. MLM at it’s very best! How much money do you make for helping to rip off these people?

  25. Does it matter? Says:

    To those of you slamming the get rich scheme – how’s that hopey, changey working out for you – cause you are the kind that voted for Obama and support socialism. You make me sick.

    If you want quick money – try robbing the liquor store on the corner and see what path that paves for your future. Maybe it would just be easier if the government just takes my hard earned money that I make by taking risks and following through and gives it to you as a welfare check.

    Move to CANADA or any other country but this one. You make America look stupid!!

  26. Jack Says:

    Type in Armando Montelongo +review into Google and learn!!

    This is amazing…this is about the eigth review site I have entered my comment below on and man this guy is a thief does anyone do any research..all I did was attempt to “buy” a “free” book there are people out there getting their life savings ripped off!!

    Here is my original comment:

    I keep getting charged $29.95 a month for what??!! I stupidly gave these scammers my credit card to pay for shipping for Armando’s “free” book four months later – January 2010 the charges begin.

    I have sent them numerous emails but no response so far!! My bank is helping me but the charges keep coming third one just hit today!

    DO NOT INVEST ANY MONEY IN THIS COMPANY! The only thing they will flip is the money out of your wallet/purse.

  27. houseguy Says:

    Interesting dialogue… I’m actually curious about Armondo’s program and haven’t come to a conclusion. It’s funny to hear his website and staff are unresponsive, yet there are some articulate people defending him in the blogs. I’ve heard him on the radio, and what he’s actually selling is his own self assurance. “People buy energy.” I’m sure he does know how to make money for himself. As far as hard money lenders, I’d stay away unless you want your legs broken. It’s better to find seller financing or short term land contracts. These can be more readily found in lower valued markets.

    Most first time millionaires are made through Real Estate. Unreasonable people do cut through the red tape at times. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get rich within one year without putting the work in.

  28. Got Scammed Says:

    I bought The Flip and grow rich book and DVD for $9.95 which includes a 30 day free trial of the Education center. The monthly charge $67.00. I called the 877 number to cancel within 2 weeks and received a conf. no. When the $67 charge showed up on my credit card I called the same number and was told that I had canceled something else – forclosure site?? No credit. I followed the cancelation instructions. This outfit is a scam

  29. jen Says:

    I wonder how many of you realize that you can actually be purchasing real estate using FUNDS from your IRA? I found a way to do with real estate and other secured investments like Tax Liens or even precious metals or oil and gas! Why haven’t you taken control of your own retirement fund account? Now might be the time.

  30. Interrested? Says:

    I watch the shows and read the blogs and here I am. I am not rich yet but….WHATEVER!! The “not so bright” people are complaining about money and how hard it is. The “articulate” people are too stupid to realize we do not all come from the same vagina. What I mean (Jen) is most people these days do not have an IRA. I mean COME ON!! (And do not try to attack me about money because I am debt free with over 100k of my own hard earned money in the bank just ready to start.)(13yrs in construction bizz and architecture degree with real estate license.) I am qualified!! If you have an IRA, I am sure you can figure that out. Then there is the guy who flips four houses a month. (TCI) He has dislexia but good for him if it is true. I do not even know how to spell that but I gave it an educated guess. I have to say, I am very disapointed that some paying customers are not being treated fairly and hopefully you get your deal worked out where everyone is happy. Haters are just that, haters. And the constitution says they have a right to speek as well. I have read everything on this site and I really can see why some of you have failed or not succeeded at this time. I do not think I need to say why. A Vega had good comments about the facts of business. Buy low, sell hi. Oh yah, flippers did not screw up the economy goof ball. Take micro and macro economics at your local community college and see what happened to our economy or just watch the news. My favorite comment is John D, he just wants to see if this works. LMFAO

    PS–I would like to see Armondo come up to Omaha and see how well his system works. Markets are different every where. He rolled into San Antonio on his last tank of gas for a reason. That town is freaken huge. Huge towns create far more oppertunities. Good luck to everyone. I hope you all succeed and wish you the best in your ventures. Happy flippin!!!

  31. Andrew Says:

    I attended an Armando Live seminar earlier this week. He wasn’t present, but his VP of Property Acquisitions spoke at great length about Land Trusts to avoid Due on Sale clause. It’s public knowledge that Armando himself has numerous Land Trusts, so there’s obviously an advantage to using them, but I don’t know if he’s using them for the same reason.

    Anyone out there with any experience in this field?

    What about purchasing tax liens on properties and holding them through the redemption period?

    The rehab side of flipping is obviously in a bit of a slump with the absence of sub-prime lending, but it’s foolish to think that other aspects of real estate aren’t currently producing wealth for people like us.

  32. CM Says:

    If you are thinking of purchasing Armando Montelongo’s stupid course of useless information, going to one of his seminars, purchasing one of his famous 3 day workshops where they teach nothing about R.E. nor flipping R.E…
    OR thinking of going on his famous bus tour…
    DON’T DO IT!!!!

    Save your money.
    Armando Montelongo will not teach you anything until he has bait & hooked you out of at least $15,000 dollars.

    His Flip and Grow Rich course is filled with outdated information you can find on the internet for free, and his books even refer you to the internet to get that info. So really, why not save yourself $1,000.

    And his 3 day workshop are a F-ing joke!!!!
    This bastard doesn’t even show up.
    Amrmando Montelongo’s 3 day workshops consist of an eight hours long bullshit fest of “bore-me” stories from 3-5 pitch men selling other useless crap! You will hear the most ridiculous “this is how i got rich”
    stories you EVER hear.

    And at the end of day 3 they pop on a VIDEO of Amrmando Montelongo, where he feeds you more BULLSHIT, so that your excited enough to buy the next pitch!
    …the FUCKING $25,000 bus tour and a mentor!!

    $25,000 gets you a ride on a bus, “with Armando Montelong”…
    “taking you by the hand an personally teaching you how to purchase and flip properties on this bus ride”. Oh he takes you for a ride alright!

    if you don’t have $25,000…
    you can purchase the next best thing for $13,000!
    A software package to find foreclosures!
    That’s right 3 WHOLE CDs, for ONLY $13,000.

    Armando Montelongo and his team of rip-off artists belong behind bars.

    Do NOT buy anything from Armando Montelongo!!!!

    If you paid $1,500 for Armondo Montelongo’s 3 day workshops and have seen no results file a complaint at!!!
    I did, and I think everybody who was lied to at the seminars and workshops should complain as well!!

    I have been trying to get my money back for 8 months and I will not stop until I get it back. Or until I discredit this scumbag Armando Montelongo.

    (Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, Armando Montelongo, )

  33. REMINJ1 Says:


    Please contact me at “” . I have many questions…

  34. BigBriloser Says:

    This all sounds REALLY familiar… rememeber about 10 years ago…. William J McCorkle

  35. JL Says:

    I went to his seminar in the DC area about a month ago. He wasn’t even there. The speakers were very good and flipping houses is something I’ve been thinking about and researching getting into for a while now. I bought the 3 day training and book/dvd package for $1497. Not feeling completely sure about all his methods, I cancelled and returned all the materials within 2 days. It has been almost a month now and still NO REFUND for my $1497!!! I’ve spoken with a few people at his office and get the run around. No one gives me a straight answer. The material I returned was withing the cancellation time period in perfect condition from what I got it in yet weeks later they can’t refund my money. Completely amazing what a scam artist this clown Montelongo and his chronies are. If I get the refund I’ll come back and retract my statements, but until then I advise all to STAY AWAY from this guy and all of his scams. If you want to discuss further, email me.

  36. ashlimayo Says:

    Really i registered for the class now I want to cancel this transaction. I am not sure what is going on. But I am really nervous about this course. Did any one get their refund?

  37. GK Says:

    I just got back from a morning pitch with Montelongo’s crew. They sold a bunch of weekend seminars and was curious about the fundamentals. Is there nothing in the 3 day course that’s useful? I’d really appreciate a well thought out answer….thank you in advance for your answers….

  38. John Says:

    Armando Montelongo ripped me off for $1,495!!!!

    I plan to go to every seminar, until he shows up…
    and when he does, i’m going to beat my $1,495 out
    of his stupid fat lying face!

    Armanod Montelongo is a fucking CONARTIST!
    And so is so called mentor, Matt Mattson!!

  39. Scooby Snacks Says:

    The only person getting rich is Assmondo.

    He is getting rich by making fools part with their money.

  40. edsterman63 Says:

    The only thing I have to add to this, is that real estate investing is not for the week hearted. Its a very tough business that you have to create your own profit in. It doesnt just land in your lap just because you watch some videos and read some books. That being said, it is doable, very doable. I am a high school dropout, that has made alot of money in real estate investing. I will say, each transaction is unique and this is not a cookie cutter business. So, back to Armando and all those real estate gurus out there. The reason they go into business is not to help you, its to help and supplement their incomes of course. If you think they are doing it because they are gratefull, want to help and have suddenly become angels, I have an island I would like to sell you. Thats the whole thing in a nuthshell. Sure, they will teach you their techniques but, they are doing it because the real estate business is a tough, very, very stressfull way to earn a living and they figure with the money they have now, writing books, pamphets, purchasing 100 dvds for 20.00 and selling them for 200.00 or 900.00, paying for an infomercial, then having conferences and pushing their stuff is acutally easier than doing the real estate. Thats how tough and stressfull the investing business is, its a calculated gamble. I am currently looking to do more deals, I am willing to go over any deal you may have, do the math for you, even run any type of remodeling for you. I can tell you, every deal I put together was profitable. Its all about the numbers, the math is the bottom line, profit. If you cant figure it out back and forth, upside down and around, dont even try to touch it. Just email me if youre interested in speaking with me. I dont charge for consulting, I will charge a small percentage at the end of the deal once you receive you profit. Im in California, willing to work with anyone in any other state. Go ahead and email me, or take a look at my website and contact me through there….