Gene Simmons And Shannon Tweed Are Getting Married

This is clearly a publicity stunt. My guess is the wedding will be taped for television and the family will take home a nice check. But it’s still kinda sweet.

KISS rocker Gene Simmons, 61, and his longtime girlfriend – and the mother of his two grown children – Shannon Tweed, 54, are making their union legal after almost three decades of building a life together.

Not quite sure what made the self-hyped ladies-man decide to propose after all this time (besides money being involved); perhaps the recent “serious” threats Shannon made to leave Gene for good was the nudge he needed.

The long awaited matrimonial event will take place at the Beverly Hills Hotel on October 1st.

gene simmons shannon tweed wedding invitation

The invitations have been mailed out, complete with a sarcastic message from the Simmons-Tweed children, Sophie and Nicholas.

“After 28 years of loose strings, our parents have finally decided to tie the knot. Our mother will share our horrendous hyphenate of a last name and our father’s life … well, it doesn’t change that much.”

“But we will be united as a family in spirit and in title forever.There will no longer be a Team Tweed or a Team Simmons but instead a Tweed-Simmons, and as annoyingly long as that is, we hope you’re on it.”

gene simmons shannon tweed wedding invite

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