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Celebrity Morgue – Creepy Or Cool?

I’ve always been a bit of a morbid person – reading Emily Dickinson, writing depressing poems, reading about serial killers, etc. – so when I happened upon the Celebrity Morgue, I was intrigued. But now I don’t know how I feel about it. Perhaps I’m not as morbid as I thought.

For those who don’t know, the Celebrity Morgue website has actual pictures of dead celebrities and other historical figures, including Marilyn Monroe, Edgar Allan Poe, and Josef Stalin (below).

celebrity morgue

The Smoking Gun website has tons of mug shots, and I enjoy looking at those, but for some reason the Celebrity Morgue site creeps me out a little. Just a little. I’ve seen pictures of dead people before and haven’t been bothered. Maybe it’s because Celebrity Morgue has pictures of famous people, so I feel like I know them or something.

What do you think of the whole thing?

The term morgue is derived from French morguer, which means ‘to look at solemnly, to defy’. The term was first used to describe the inner wicket of a prison, where prisoners were kept for some time, during which the jailers and turnkeys would spend time looking at the prisoners so that they would be able to recognize them. Relating to dead people, the name was first given to a building in Paris, which, in the middle of the fifth century, was part of the Châtelet and was used for the keeping and identification of unknown corpses. Wikipedia.org – Morgue

14 Responses to “Celebrity Morgue – Creepy Or Cool?”
  1. Michael Says:

    The fascination to see celebrity morgue pictures is not uncommon. I believe the reason is because it shows them humanized and not in some idealized fantasy world to be worshipped by fans. Death is real and will happen to each and every human. The photos are just a reminder of this simple fact.

  2. Tanya Says:

    I love celebrity morgue. I have always wondered about what people will look like once they pass away, but even more so what killed them, and what that looked like. I think it should be a little more descriptive.

  3. HUSKERCHICK94 Says:

    I came across a website called Find A Death.com. You would like it. More pictures and info on stars.

  4. JoJo Says:

    How can you not like celebrity morgue photos? I think Michael is right. makes you see they are human also even if celebrity morgue photos are a lil creepy! 🙂

  5. rose.thomas Says:

    i think you should show more. like dead people in the morgue. you know close ups of dead babies and people. please show more. thank you

  6. Aaron Says:

    I feel that dying is a part of life, it’s something u just shouldn’t fear. But its where your soul ends up that’s the problem. Living a God fearing life will help you, living a sinful one will damn you. Its just that simple.

  7. Samantha Says:

    i recently visited the site celebrity morgue and the pictures i found fascinating were of JFK. They look amazing!!! I can’t help think though that some pictures just didnt look quite right like the marilyn monroe pictures, it looked nothing like her but thats my opinion. I still think that the whole concept of the site is genius and they should put up more.

  8. Erin Says:

    I am intrigued by Celebrity Morgue (and a bit repulsed), but obviously not enough that I didn’t look…. a few times…lol! And I certainly don’t mean to make light of it all. But like someone else said, death is a part of life. Upsetting to me most are people who were murdered. I am a Sharon Tate fan, so I find her morgue photo truly upsetting–why did I look you ask, I came upon it a few years ago by mistake. If someone died of old age or of an illness, I don’t find it as upsetting as a photo of someone who’s life was taken by another.

  9. Toni Says:

    I liked this site…but then I started to scare myself. Mabye its not normal to like looking at dead celebrities and historical figures. But death is a part of life…the last part.

  10. fashionblog.biz Says:

    Excellent site!!!love the layout aswell

  11. Catarina Says:

    i think that sometimes we look at calebrities as something like perfect.. and looking at this pictures is kind of a reminder that they’r people too..

  12. JMWR Says:

    I don’t think its morbid to want to see dead bodies, but I think its more just curiosity because its going to happen to all of us someday and maybe this helps us to get used to it and not worry about it so much.

  13. concerned Says:

    I understand the concept of wanting to see someone “imperfect” and the idea that death is a part of life, but what disturbs me about this whole concept is that I feel like it is an invasion of privacy. To have their photos up like this displayed for enjoyment is wrong. Just because they are celebrities does not make it okay. Would you feel the same way about these photos if it was just a member of your family who was shot or overdosed, and those pictures were being treated in that way. I completely understand the fascination with it, as people, we are curious by nature, but I just find the whole thing to be disrespectful.

  14. Alex Says:

    Dude, who doesn’t love morgue photos??? They prettyy WicKedd!!! 😀