R.I.P. Computer

So it looks like my computer has bought the farm and is no longer with us. There are some sales going on around me, so hopefully I can find something this weekend. I must admit, I feel very lost without it. How sad is that?

Keep your fingers crossed that I’ll be up and running again by Monday.

March 30th in History…

1822 – Florida became a US territory

1842 – Dr. Crawford Long – 1st physician to use ether as anesthetic

1858 – Hyman Lipman of Phila patents a pencil with attached eraser

1867 – US purchases Alaska for $7 -200 -000 (Seward’s Folly)

1870 – 15th Amendment passes – guarantees right to vote regardless of race

1870 – Texas readmitted to US after Civil War

1909 – Queensboro Bridge opens linking Manhattan & Queens

1932 – Amelia Earhart 1st woman to solo cross the Atlantic

1945 – USSR invades Austria during WW II

1948 – Mahatma Gandhi assassinated in New Delhi

1950 – Phototransistor invention announced – Murray Hill – NJ

1961 – P.J Melotte – discovered Jupiter’s 8th satellite Pasiphae – dies

1964 – John Glenn withdrew from Ohio senate race

1973 – Ellsworth Bunker resigns as US ambassador to S Vietnam

1981 – Pres Reagan shot & wounded by John W Hinckley Jr

1982 – 3rd Space Shuttle Mission – Columbia 3 returns to Earth

1984 – US ends participation in multinational Lebanon peace force

1986 – James Cagney dies at his Stanfordville NY farm at 86

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