Attention All Bay Area Magnet Stealing Douchbags!

This is hilarious. Leave it to someone from the San Francisco Bay Area to use Craigslist in such an innovative way.

To the wingnut who stole my Obama/Biden magnet and left a note …
Date: 2008-11-20, 12:49 A.M. PST

I was really angry when I got to my car, which was minding its own business parked in the Barnes & Noble parking lot, and I saw that someone had stolen my precious Obama magnet! I waited more than 2 months for that magnet to come in the mail!!

But then as I was driving home I noticed a small white paper flapping in the breeze under my windshield wiper. I pulled over to retrieve it and it was a sloppily-scribbled, psychotic expression of your wingnut political beliefs. I do not care about your paranoid mental disorder (I quote: “Are you ready to give up your freedom? It’s COMING MORON!!”)

You stole my magnet. I want it back. I’ll give you 24 hours to put it back on my scion, which will be parked there tomorrow… or I will take the scrap of Wells Fargo bank statement you wrote your wing-note on to my friend who works for Wells Fargo. She will scan the barcode on the corner of your note and tell me who you are. And I will come steal something YOU value, perhaps your fingernail clipping collection or John McCain blow-up doll!

You have until sundown Thursday, douchbag!

[Source: Candy Kirby]

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