Wedding Dresses. Just In Time For Valentine’s Day!

Ask almost any woman about her wedding dress and I bet she’ll have wonderful memories — of the dress, but not necessarily the wedding itself. Have you ever been to one of those weddings? I have! Wedding dresses are a very important part of a wedding. In fact, some wedding dresses cost almost as much as the reception!

I have a magazine picture somewhere of a wedding dress I really like. I also have my grandmother’s wedding dress in its original box, in my garage. I would have my mother’s, but she gave it to a cousin long before I came along. Besides, it was like a size 4, and then had to be taken in by my mom’s cousin. Man! Those are some little ladies. My wedding dress plan is to wear my grandmother’s dress, and keep it as true to itself as I can. Of course, I’ll have to have the wedding dress altered since on my grandmother’s wedding day she had bigger boobs and smaller shoulders than I do.

Once upon a time, all wedding dresses were white – a sign and symbol of the bride’s chastity and virginity. Times, they have a-changed. Now a wedding dress can be anything from a traditional white gown (like the ones my friends wore, pictured below), to a short slip, to a long black dress. Then there is my sister’s wedding dress, a lavender dress handmade by our mother (I’m trying to find a better picture than the one below).

traditional spring wedding dresses

non traditional wedding dresses

A lot of women keep their wedding dresses — either to give to their daughters or simply for the memories. There are several dry cleaning places that can pack up your wedding dress in an airtight box so it will remain in its original condition.

Thousands of wedding dresses will be worn on Valentine’s Day tomorrow, as tons of couples tie the knot. When it comes time for me to marry and wear a wedding dress however, I will not being doing it on February 14th. Besides the fact that I don’t want it to rain on my day, I think getting married on Valentine’s Day is cheesy. But that’s just me. If you’re donning a wedding dress tomorrow, congratulations and I hope you have a great day. Elope to Las Vegas!