Black Rock City Rocket Launch

You’re invited to the Black Rock City Rocket Launch in Gerlach, Nevada… rocket launch

Black Rock is a “dry” lake about 100 miles north of Reno Nevada. It’s very empty country; just about the only town nearby is the town of Gerlach.

About the Black Rock Desert

This coming September 14th, 15th, and 16th, I will be there enjoying the XPRS (Extreme Performance Rocket Ships) launch.

Its 3 days of certified motor launches with an “extreme” emphasis.

Everyday there will be a huge raffle with tons of great prizes, and on Saturday there is a Night Launch from dusk until 11:00pm. I have yet to actually make a night launch, so I’m really looking forward to this one. XPRS Shirt Shop

The Black Rock City Rocket Launch is easy to get to, but a bit tricky to find, so be sure to bring complete driving directions. Getting to Black Rock

Bruno’s of Gerlach is already booked for the weekend, but there are plenty of other places to stay:
– Best Western Inn & RV park: 877-576-6776 (toll free)
– Lazy B Inn: 775-575-4452
– Fernley Super 8 Motel: 775-575-555
– Truck Inn: 775-575-4800 (more of a truck stop but they do have rooms)


Fly Geyser: One of Nevada’s Little Surprises

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