What The HELL Happened To Britney Spears?

Poor, poor Britney Spears. There’s nothing quite like being the opening act at the MTV Video Music Awards and clearly not giving a crap.

The instant I heard Britney Spears would be opening the 2007 VMAs, I knew it was going to be a train wreck. How could it not? Have you seen what she’s been up to lately?

The whole thing sort of reminds me of when Anna Nicole Smith was on the VMAs shortly after she became the TrimSpa spokesperson. Remember that travesty?

I’m guessing that Britney did not.

Oh how far little Britney has fallen. Remember when…

britney spears baby one more time album cover

Here’s a little more, just for good measure…

The big winners of the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards…
Justin Timberlake – Best Male Artist
Fergie – Best Female Artist (seriously!)
Fall Out Boy – Best Group
Gym Class Heroes – Best New Artist (Uh oh! There goes their career!)
“Umbrella” by Rihanna (w/ Jay-Z) – Video of the Year

Remember these? The big winners of the very first VMA’s in 1984
“China Girl” by David Bowie – Best Male Video
“Girls Just Want To Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper – Best Female Video
“Legs” by ZZ Top – Best Group
“Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” by the Eurythmics – Best New Artist
“You Might Think” by The Cars – Video of the Year

madonna mtv vmas 1984

Video Source: YouTube
Image Source: Disco Completos

5 Responses to “What The HELL Happened To Britney Spears?”
  1. Mighty Mo Says:

    Aww, Britney….you really did it now. Only place to go is up, but I don’t even think you’re aware of how far you need to go or how to go about it. Or down, six feet under maybe, but that can be avoided and doesn’t sound like much fun anyway. Girl, SNAP OUT OF IT!!! Get yourself some serious professional psychological or at the very least, a life coach. You have the means and let your kids be the motivation, since you don’t seem to think much about yourself.

    I know you THOUGHT you could do it all on your own by firing your manager, but let the time since you’ve done that be a record. You’ve messed up and messed up big.

    Good God! Don’t follow in Anna Nicole Smith’s footsteps. Too many parallels here; she lost her first born then her life, leaving her baby daughter motherless.

    You have two young sons. If you keep up your current way of life, you’ll leave them motherless too, if not already.

  2. JCW Says:

    Poor Brit Brit,

    Anyone with an ounce of intelligence always knew her only “talents” were her youth and surrounding herself with people who could make her look and sound good.

    Well, the youth is pretty well gone out the window at the shockingly young age of 25, and the star makers have either left or been fired and will almost certainly never return.

    Time to make up with the family, move home to TN, and become a rich single mother living in the suburbs. Smartest move she could make, but then – she isn’t exactly known for making smart moves, is she?

  3. Lola Says:

    How does it feel to be your generation’s Michael Jackson?

    Cute, adorable, beloved and talented at a tender young age.
    Slowly turning more and more bizarre (taste in everything goes awry, shaved head, umbrella incident).
    Appearance taking strange turns…body gone to seed, bad wigs, makeup and wardrobe.
    Drunken genital exposure.
    Failed “marriage”s.
    Public television embarrasements (UPN TV show and VMAs just to name 2).
    Increasingly bad music produced.
    Allegations of child abuse (the non-car seat, dropping the baby, nearly burning the children, nudity, corporal punishment, forcing them to stay awake, feeding them coffee, neglect…)

    I can’t seem to decide if you are our new MJ, or Anna Nicole? At least Anna Nicole SEEMED to get it together a little in her later days…and MJ had the good sense to disappear after the court days and the dangling blanket incident.

    Don’t you even care, Britney? I know you look in the mirror and see the red-hot sex kitten you WERE- but, honey, you have to WORK to regain that title! Surrounding yourself with people bought and sold to tell you how fantastic you look is just going to lead you down a “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” road…
    Whatever Happened to Britney Jean…?

    SNAP OUT OF IT. You still want to live the life of a party-girl rock star? Then YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN PREGNANT. It is obvious that you spend your days and nights trying desperately to escape from the fact that you went down the wrong road and are to damned stubborn to swallow your pride and just TURN AROUND.
    Plenty of women older than you have cimbed back out of this shame spiral. I know you don’t want to hear it, but you HAVE children…and yes, sometimes, a woman has kids and suddenly realizes she doesn’t want them or can’t take care of them…so what’s worse- admitting to your shortcomings and getting your kids somewhere permanently stable, or acting like a selfish child and pretending everything is OK- to the detriment of your kids? Man, read Drew Barrymore’s or Mackenzie Philips story, for crying out loud- do you want your kids drinking and drugging at like, 10 or younger? Is THAT going to be your legacy?

    You have just the tiniest sliver of a window left to regain your composure publically. There is NO reason why you can’t rebuild your life, do the humble Oprah gig, release a great new album, and relegate this period of your life to “after-baby blues” and the “stress of a failed marraige”.

    I don’t know why I offer this advice, not even really being a true fan of yours,but one thing i do love is your single “Toxic”. It is one of the best songs of recent memory, and the video is awesome. Even though I don’t really love you, that song proves to me what you are capable of…earning a cynic like mine’s favorable opinion!

    You have to stop ignoring reality and embrace the decisions you need to make. It will suck for a year or so (so much damage to undo), but you CAN come back stronger, earning your fans back and NEW fans. You can be a REAL role model.

    Take this opportunity. Don’t become a freak or a corpse.
    We really don’t need any more!

  4. dan Says:

    what is going to happen to brit

  5. Whitney Says:

    I am a Britney fan (yes, still) but as much as I hate to admit it, everyone who has commented here so far is right. What a mess Britney is! I just watched a video of her when she was 17, cute, cared about her fans, sang beautifully, dressed nicely, had lovely hair, etc. Where did it go?!! She is nothing like she was before! I want to know who is responsible for turning my favorite American pop idol into a spoiled, rotten, bull-headed @@@@@! I don’t care about shallow issues like “baby weight” or any of that crap but I do care about her mental stability for God’s sake! I can’t deny it anymore! She’s in horrible condition!!!!!!