Shanna Moakler Doesn’t Support Liars Like Carrie Prejean

Shanna Moakler resigned from the Miss California organization this week after Donald Trump overlooked Carrie Prejean’s long line of lies and let her keep her crown.

The former Miss USA told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show this morning that she had every intention of standing behind and supporting Carrie Prejean during her year as Miss California – at first. But then Shanna saw Carrie on the Today show and quickly changed her mind, “the turning point for me, I guess, was when I was watching the Today show and she was sitting there continuing to lie…And it’s obvious to everybody that the lying is still going on. I just couldn’t stand behind her.”

Shanna went on to tell Ryan that Carrie Prejean was “basically rewarded for lying.”

At one point during the interview Shanna Moakler was clearly emotional while talking about stepping down from her position within the Miss California organization.

“How am I supposed to aggressively promote someone that I don’t even know if they’re being truthful with me,” she asked. “I work hard. I worked hard on that pageant and this has been a very, very difficult decision for me because I love the Miss California organization and I love my family over there and the friends that I’ve made and the commitment that I had. I just don’t think the situation right now is right.”


I don’t blame Shanna, frankly. This whole Carrie Prejean mess has gone beyond her answer during the pageant, beyond even her topless photos – it’s about Carrie being incapable of telling the truth and sticking to her Miss California contract.

I don’t care if Carrie Prejean is a Christian or not – hell, she could be a flying purple people eater for all I care – the foundation of all this hoopla is that Carrie Prejean lied and violated her signed contract.

Plain and simple.

shanna moakler vs miss california