Tiger Woods Update – The Mistress List Is Getting Longer And Longer

I’ve been home sick in bed today and doing some behind the scenes blog work that doesn’t take a whole lot of thinking, but I did want to check in with you and share a couple of things.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed there are new developments in the Tiger Woods mistress scandal coming out almost every hour.

Tiger Woods is all over the news right now so of course there’s a lot to talk about; here are some sites where you can get all your Tiger Woods updates.

My opinion on the whole thing, by the way, is simply this: Tiger Woods is an ass. There just is no other way of putting it.

Rachel Uchitel Interview in OK! Magazine – Bricks and Stones Gossip

Seven! Seven Tiger Woods Mistresses! Ah-hah-hah! – Celeb News Wire

Holly Sampson Continues to Grow the Tiger Sex ScandalRumorficial

Joslyn James photos Tiger Woods mistress number 11Starcasm

13th Woman Linked to Golfer Tiger Woods – In Case You Didn’t Know

Tiger Woods didn’t use protectionCelebridiot

Tiger Wood ‘chipped in’ for affairs – Celebrity Mound

Tiger Woods Drug Overdose a Suicide Attempt?Bitten and Bound

“SNL” Criticized For Tiger Woods SkitHollywood Backwash

Tiger Woods Without Clothes On – Hollywood Grind

Tiger Woods Gatorade Branded Drink Dropped – Amy Grindhouse

Good for Elin Nordegren – Wood’s Wife Leaves Home!Celeb Dirty Laundry

Elin Nordegren’s Mother Barbro Holmberg Hospitalized – Daily Stab

Cartoon Tiger is backThe Blemish

BREAKING: Tiger Woods f-cked himself out of Congressional Gold MedalThe Superficial

Then there’s the Tiger Woods Sex Tape I found out about because of my Twitter pal Confessing7Girl. It’s a must see!

EMBED-Leaked Tiger Woods Mistress Sex Tape – Watch more free videos

4 Responses to “Tiger Woods Update – The Mistress List Is Getting Longer And Longer”
  1. Mike Miller Says:

    Seriously… is there any woman on earth the dude hasn’t slept with? Well, it sure starting to look like that list would be a shorter one at least.

  2. Hilary Shepherd Says:

    When is Dr. Drew gonna chip in and say Tiger’s a sex addict? Ooh! Maybe Tiger can be on Sex Rehab 2. I’d totally watch that.

  3. Goldenface Says:

    Shut the hell up everybody. Yes he admitted to having faults and transgressions, but he never said he slept with anyone. Secondly, since when is one side of the story the absolute truth? Think about it a**holes.

  4. Mo Says:

    Hey Goldenface~ I take it by your nic that you are a modest individual. Telling everyone to “Shut the hell up” only affirms my initial thought.>>>insert sarcasm<<>>insert sarcasm<<<

    He hasn’t said he had slept with anyone so I guess the list of mistresses are all lying? I guess Jaime Grubb’s texts are all fabrications?

    The post Tiger made on his website is not a direct admission he slept with anyone, so I guess the “transgressions” he refers to are that of presenting himself to be the “wholesome family man,” is that it? We’ve learned so much more since he posted that on his site but I guess they’re all unfounded, right? >>>insert sarcasm<<<

    It may seem one sided to you but it is Tiger who has refused to come out to say anything in his behalf defense.

    Thing about it moron.