Celebrity Rehab 3 With Dr. Drew – Celebrity Rehab Is Back!

Celebrity Rehab Is Back! Yay!!

I love this show. LOVE it. Yes, I realize that may reflect badly on my character, but I don’t care. I love Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and that’s that.

This season greets a whole new group of patients and I can tell already a couple of them are going to be very entertaining to watch. Other patients, of course, are going to drive me nuts – which is also entertaining. So I guess it’s really a win/win for me.

Like the previous seasons of Celebrity Rehab, the amount of celebrity each person carries varies; but they all have one thing in common – they’ve got some serious issues. But hey, don’t we all in one way or another?

Joey Kovar
Living in Chicago in 2008 Joey was cast on MTV’s The Real World: Hollywood. While on The Real World Joey’s partying ways got so out of hand he was asked to leave the show. Soon after it came to light that Joey had been suffering for years with addiction; abusing everything from alcohol, cocaine, ecstasy, and meth to steroids he had been using since a teenager as part of his bodybuilding.

Lisa D’Amato
Mostly known for her drunken antics on a past season of America’s Next Top Model, Lisa moved on to pursue a career in hip-hop but found she could not escape the reputation she made for herself while living in the ANTM house. Admitting that she will use almost any drug put in front of her, Lisa does not feel she has an actual addiction problem she cannot control.

Kari Ann Peniche
A former beauty queen, Kari Ann’s life took a downward turn when nude photos of her appeared in Playboy. When her history of sexual abuse and problems with addiction as a minor came out was asked to be on VH1’s Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew. Early in the show Kari Ann was removed from the program because of her erratic behavior; it turns out the behavior was a result of an addiction to crystal meth.

Mike Starr
The original bassist for the 90s rock band Alice in Chains, Mike Starr was with the group form 1987 to 1993 – until the other members asked him to leave the group. From that point on the musician’s life began to spin out of control. He was plagued with a variety of drug possession and DUI busts, as well as property destruction charges. Mike Starr has been in and out of rehab about 30 times fighting his drugs of choice including cocaine, crystal meth, heroin, marijuana, and methadone.

Mindy McCready
With twelve singles appearing on Billboard’s country singles charts and 3 million copies of her four albums sold, Mindy McCready’s success has also brought her much scandal – including violent relationships and drug addiction. She was arrested and jailed for trying to buy OxyContin with a forged prescription, and has attempted suicide with an overdose of drugs and alcohol. Putting all that aside, Mindy believes her only addiction is to violent relationships.

Tom Sizemore
Once considered one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, Tom Sizemore’s addiction to drugs has basically destroyed his career. After being sober for about six years Tom hooked up with Heidi Fleiss and really descended into drugs and darkness; their relationship ended when Tom Sizemore was charged with domestic abuse. Since then Tom has been arrested and has served times on multiple occasions due to drug charges.

Heidi Fleiss
The former madam and convicted tax evader successfully kept her massive drug use under wraps until she pressed charges against Tom Sizemore; it was then that their massive drug use together became public record. Heidi Fleiss moved to Nevada where she began living with parrots and bought a laundry business – and continued to feed her crystal meth addiction.

Side Note: Is it really “safe” for Heidi Fleiss and Tom Sizemore to be in rehab with each other considering their personal history together? Just sayin’.

Dennis Rodman
Once a great basketball player and one of the NBA’s original “Bad Boys,” Dennis Rodman’s personal life took a serious tumble as his career wound down, and it eventually crashed and burned. One affair with Madonna and a quickie marriage to Carmen Electra later, Dennis Rodman was arrested for spousal abuse in 2008. Given the option of jail or rehab, Dennis chose rehab; but he doesn’t think he has a problem in any way, shape, or form, so his rehab experience will probably not go well.

Mackenzie Phillips
She’s never denied her struggle with drug addiction over the past 30 plus years, but Mackenzie Phillips has never really been able to kick it either. She’s been in and out of rehab several times, has overdosed more than once; most recently Mackenzie Phillips was arrested at LAX when she tried to board a plane with cocaine and heroin in her possession.

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