Charlie Sheen Went To Rehab, Now Will Lose $1.5 Million

Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.

When Charlie Sheen went to rehab this last time, it interrupted the production schedule of his hit CBS sitcom Two And A Half Men, and now two of the episodes have been cut from the season.

Chuck Lorre, the show’s executive producer, said, “Instead of doing 24 shows this year, we’ll be doing 22. But 22 is a full order. They had asked us to produce two additional episodes, which we normally do. But we won’t do it this year.”

The 44-year-old troubled actor is one of the highest paid on television, earning a reported $825,000 for each episode. He currently has a sober coach on set with him during the day and spends his nights in rehab.

A source close to the star said, “Charlie wants to get clean. He’s got his demons and he knows it. But he’s doing everything he can right now.”

On March 15th Charlie Sheen pleaded not guilty to the alleged Christmas Day knife-assault on his crack-head wife Brooke Mueller. He has been charged with felony menacing, misdemeanor criminal mischief, and misdemeanor third degree assault.

Charlie’s next hearing date is April 19th, which he’s not required to be at, and a trial date has been set for July 21st is Aspen, CO.