How To Make A Spinning Top From A Plastic Bottle

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Using the top of a plastic bottle, this article will teach you how to make a “spinning top” which spins really easily when you blow it. The top is made using the round part of the soda bottle. When you blow it using a straw, it spins readily.

Things You’ll Need
Plastic bottle (soda) with cap
Thin metallic-color tape of choice – the shinier the tape, the better; check craft or dollar stores
Plastic or paper straw (flexible); or you could improvise using a hollow stem from a plant, etc.
Suitable marker pen – it must be washable or erasable so that it can be easily removed from the surface
Paint thinner (nail polish remover) if the marker won’t come off easily (or use eucalyptus or lavender oil)
Cotton or tissues for wiping off the marker lines
Pair of scissors

Cut off the top part of a plastic soda bottle. Using the cap from the same bottle, place it onto the inside of the top of the bottle, underside of the cap facing to you.

plastic bottle spinning top 1

Try to position the cap into the part of the bottle that is convex or bulges outwards (like a mini hill).

plastic bottle spinning top 2

Holding the bottle cap in place, trace around the edge of the cap’s circle using a suitable plastic-surface marker.

plastic bottle spinning top 3

Take the cap out to reveal the circle that is left behind.

plastic bottle spinning top 4

Cut out the circle using scissors.

plastic bottle spinning top 5

plastic bottle spinning top 6

Draw the dividing lines to form the spinning top. Using the same marker pen, draw in the lines that form the spinning top’s quarters.

plastic bottle spinning top 7
Cut the four slits shown by the red lines in the above template. The plastic circle should now appear as in this image.

plastic bottle spinning top 9

Wipe off the marked lines.

plastic bottle spinning top 10

Fold each of the slits following the blue lines of the above template. This the triangular shape that is formed by the red and blue lines in the template. Place enough pressure on the fold so that the triangular pieces remain sticking upwards without any help from you.

Stick the tape pieces in place. Follow the big yellow lines marked on the above template, laying the tape along the concave (inward) side of the spinning top.

plastic bottle spinning top 11

Spin the top. Make any adjustments needed, otherwise, you’re good to go!

plastic bottle spinning top 12

To make the top spin, you can blow it with your mouth, or blow through a straw. Be sure to leave a few centimeters or inches between your straw/mouth and the spinning top.

The design is very similar to the commercially produced plastic spinning tops; only you’ve gone one better by recycling!

While this is a great craft for kids, be sure to supervise all cutting, or to do the cutting parts yourself.

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