Jude Law Dumps Sienna Miller

sienna miller and jude law drunk in back of car

So let me get this straight………Jude Law dumped Sienna Miller because she was partying too much. So it’s okay for him to sleep with the nanny, but it’s not okay for her to be 24 years old and want to have a good time? Sounds like a certain British actor has some issues. Apparently, in Jude Law’s world, what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander. Which I guess is okay since Jude Law is a jackass and not a goose.

The angel in me says good riddance! Jude Law is scum. I never understood why Sienna Miller took him back in the first place. And then she said she didn’t believe in monogamy – which was really just an attempt to fool herself, seeing how she was pretty damn pissed when he cheated on her. Plus, she looked pretty dumb taking him back, so she had to pretend that it didn’t really bother her because “we’re animals,” and by animals she really meant Jude Law’s a donkey and she’s a dodo bird.

The devil in me says that perhaps Jude didn’t think this whole thing through……… Sienna’s body at the club means Jude’s body on the nanny’s naughty parts. Any woman would have thought of that!

So not only is Jude Law scum, but he can’t even figure out how to have his cake and eat it too.

jude law can barely walk he's so wasted