The Animal Revolution Continues…

Well, the revolting pigs are at it again. The swine soldiers of the animal revolution have moved from Norfolk, England to Belgrade, Serbia. This time, they burned down a house! Talk about pissed off piggies.

The three pigs, obviously angry with man and ready to fight, broke out of their pen and headed towards the house. They strolled into the living room and knocked the TV over, which then burst into flames; the fire quickly spread through out the house.

Sadly, unlike the pigs in England, these pigs perished thus becoming martyrs* for their cause. Their farmer master, however, was not hurt.

map serbia

Martyr: The term martyr (Greek ?????? “witness”) initially signified a witness in the forensic sense, a person called to bear witness in legal proceedings…The process of bearing witness was not intended to lead to the death of the witness, although it is known from ancient writers (e.g. Josephus) that witnesses, especially of the lower classes, were tortured routinely before being interrogated as a means of forcing them to disclose the truth… Though often religious in nature, martyrdom can be applied to a secular context as well. The term is sometimes applied to those who use violence, such as those who die for a nation’s glory during wartime. It may also apply to nonviolent individuals who are killed or hurt in the struggle for independence, civil rights etc (eg. Mahatma Gandhi).

Image Source: Applied Language Solutions