San Francisco Dyke Day 2007 Wrap Up.

I had such a great time yesterday! I met some really great hilarious people, was witness to wonderful equal opportunity love, and even made it home with my very own rainbow feather boa. Not to mention all of the beautiful women I saw!

My friend and I met up with the rest of our group at a cute little restaurant called Savor, at 24th and Sanchez. We sat outside in a courtyard setting, surrounded by little shops. I had an excellent garlic chicken crepe with pesto, mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes, and an equally excellent Mimosa. Everyone throughly enjoyed their meals and the various conversations. I tell ya, there’s nothing like a couple of gay gay men to make you laugh your butt off. They even appreciated the tattoo on my lower back (pictured below), and gave kudos to the breasts.

After lunch, we made our way to Dolores Park where people had been gathering all day. It was a beautiful day – which in San Francisco is pretty much any day that’s not dominated by fog; there was a high breeze, but nothing I would call a cold wind. Since two members of our party are in wheelchairs, we got to be in the section for “elderly and disabled dykes,” which was sectioned off by caution tape and had an entry carpet nailed into the ground.

Our section also had a great view of the stage, where several different acts performed songs, spoken word, raps, and other forms of expression. There was even a woman translating it ALL in sign language. She was pretty amazing to watch in her own right. The best performance in my view was when some big girls did a burlesque show to Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls.” It was awesome.

After we left the park we wandered around for a bit. And when I say wandered, I mean WANDERED, and a bit means FOREVER. We stopped at a coffee shop to pee and drink coffee. Eventually we made our way through the Castro to what was now a fantastically huge street party.

We spent the rest of the night interwoven in the festivities, enjoying the oh so many glorious sights. Including an impromptu co-ed sex show from a third story apartment window. It began with a girl and two guys in their underwear throwing beads at the crowd. Very Mardi-Gras. Then it turned into a three way kiss. Then there were boobs and ass cheeks in the window and more kissing. Oh, I forgot, about a block before that we were treated to a full-moon show provided by a fairly hairy gay gentleman.

Ah…..San Francisco pride…..

Did I mentioned how GREAT of a time I had?

Here are a few pictures; more to follow as soon as they are emailed to me. The last picture is of the tattoo on my back, just in case you were wondering what it looked like.

sf dyke march 2007 from the hill

sf dyke march 2007 dykes on bikes

sf dyke march 2007 ramona in hat

fairy mushroom tattoo

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