Barry Manilow Hates Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Let me tell you folks, he’s not alone on that one! I may not agree with Barry Manilow’s taste in music, but I certainly agree with his taste in people. I never thought I’d have something in common with Barry Manilow. Life really IS full of surprises!

Pop singer Barry Manilow, a major Democratic fundraiser, said on Monday he has scrapped plans to appear on the television talk show The View…was scheduled to appear on the ABC morning show Tuesday…those plans fell through because of his issues with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, an abortion opponent and supporter of the Iraq war…FULL ARTICLE

Go Barry Manilow! I too, make no apologies for my distain for Elisabeth. I didn’t like her on Survivor, and I don’t like her now. My dislike for her, mind you, has nothing to do with her political persuasion. I simply find her annoying. I wouldn’t like her even if she had more liberal world views. There’s just something about her that totally bugs me. And who the heck spells Elizabeth with an S, anyway? That’s annoying too.

barry manilow vs elisabeth hasselbeck

elisabeth hasselbeck needs to shut up

16 Responses to “Barry Manilow Hates Elisabeth Hasselbeck.”
  1. Barry Sucs Says:

    Just shows you that Dems are the real haters. They only believe in free speech when it fits what they want to hear. What happened Barry? Did little Elisabeth hurt Rosie’s feelings?

  2. Sharon Says:

    Yahoo!!!!!! Finally somebody with some clout is speaking out against that right wing mouthpiece. She doesn’t have an original thought in her head – it’s all propaganda.

  3. Mighty Mo Says:

    Hey Barry,

    Nice show of professionalism.

  4. Brooke Says:

    Wow, Barry just lost a fan. I don’t really have an opinion about Elizabeth but since when are people being so petty and immature that they cancel appearances cause of someones personal beliefs that have NOTHING to do with their new cd? Dumb people. Sorry Barry, your just wrong.

  5. D Rogers Says:

    I think Manilow is being a bit childish. Since when do you have to agree with everyones political views to sit and have a civilized conversation.

    I am also sick and tired of people claiming Elizabeths views are propaganda and not her own. Just because she is not a liberal does not mean her views are not hers. I believe most of us in this country are somewhere in the middle neither far left or right. I consider myself a conservative but do not agree with all republican policies. We do not need to have any actors, singers, talk show hosts form our opinions, those should be formed from our own experiences and morals.

  6. Iva K. Says:

    This shows how most people, especially celebreties, are used to having left leaning talk show hosts. At least half of Americans are conservative, but we cannot have at least one out of five View hosts who shares their values. Elisabeth, please be strong and never give up/.

  7. ROSE Says:

    I think Barry is being a child..,how stupid…I liked his music and I am a republican.I dont like him any more

  8. American Says:

    Typical LIBERAL……….to afraid to debate facts, to open their minds to others opinions / ideas / views and last but not least…..when they can’t or won’t win they either run, make it illegal, and or my favorite, just show how closed minded they are.

    Nice to know that Communists are not hard to spot….they just changed their title to DEMOCRATS!

  9. Gregory Says:

    I, too, am very disappointed with Mr. Manilow’s decision to bow out of an appearance because he disagrees politically with one of the hosts. If his version of being democratic and liberal means avoiding anyone with a different opinion, he only demonstrates his own weakness and makes the ideals his party supposedly stands for seem hollow.

  10. Annoyed by Stupidity Says:

    I believe that the Republicans pay “Elisa@@@@@” by the Word for getting her
    “digs” in about Obama every chance that she can. I think that there should be
    an Investigation of her Bank Account – she MUST be paid “under the table” by
    the Reps for bringing up completely inappropriate issues against Obama whenever she can! What a Witch she is — and so young with such limited points of view already.

  11. Nicole Says:

    Can’t say I blame him. I can’t stand her either. Smarmy little thing. I have never agreed with anything Hasselbeck has said. And while shes entitled to her own views, those of us that don’t agree with her are wrong…according to her. That’s her attitude. And sure the network loves her. It makes for good ratings when she irritates everyone else on the show.

    And thats about all my life I’m going to waste on another idiot in the world.

  12. JOE Says:

    D. Rogers — It isn’t Elizabeth–it is Elisabeth. Evidently you know not of which you speak.

  13. Ricky Says:

    Maybe Barry just likes MEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. sue Says:

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck is annoying as hell she thinks what she thinks and says it how we all should think and fell. oh she will say no no, no that’s just my opinion but if you disagree with her you’re a nasty “B”…. I can’t stand the witch….

  15. Chad Says:

    People who hate Elisabeth just know that she’s right…and it pisses them off. She’s sooooo freakin’ HOT…the only thing on the View worth watching. Liberals suck.

  16. Mike Peterson Says:

    I think Barry should just go have another face lift. It is funny how the Dems can’t stand people who don’t agree with them. I would much rather hang with Elisabeth than Nancy Pelosi….. now there is a scary B!