A Little Old And A Little Pregnant.

Today I learned that there are adults who don’t know who Kurt Cobain was and can’t name a Nirvana song. It really made me feel old. They didn’t know what grunge was either. Then they informed me that they were in elementary school when I was in high school – during which Kurt Cobain died. Now that made me feel old. And throughly confused since a couple of weeks ago someone asked me if I was in high school. It’s a very strange feeling to not feel your age, nor look it, but be reminded of it by younger friends.

Man, if I feel old, I can only imagine how my parents must feel.

Unplugged – Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

Cool picture montage with Lake of Fire…

I also learned (more like decided) what “a little pregnant” means. My friend is a little pregnant – she’s not so pregnant that she’s obviously pregnant and can’t hide it, and therefore can only wear maternity clothes, but she’s more pregnant than being able to wear anything smaller than her finance’s shorts, and therefore is very hard to find a party dress for. But we finally managed to find one, at Ross, of all places; shoes too. And, for good measure, some baby clothes for her already existing child.

snow white pregnant cartoon


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