Now THAT’S A Big Baby!

Cute “little” Nadia is the 12th child born to Siberia’s Tatyana Barabanova, 43, and weighed in at a whopping 17.1 pounds (7.75 kg).

“I ate everything, we don’t have the money for special foods so I just ate potatoes, noodles and tomatoes,” she told the reporter, adding that all her previous babies had weighed more than 5 kg. Russian woman’s 12th baby weighs in at 7.75 kg

large baby born in Siberia

Wow! And I thought Super Tonio was a big baby!

Side note:

Back in January of 2005 a woman in Brazil gave birth to a 17 pound baby:

…about the average size of a six-month-old… boy’s 38-year-old mother is diabetic, a condition which can commonly cause women to give birth to larger babies. The boy, named Ademilton dos Santos… is the heaviest baby ever born in Brazil, according to Brazilian medical officials. MSNBC Health

Fun facts about Siberia:

“Siberia” comes from the Mongolian word “sibir”, which means “sleeping land.”

Siberia is bigger than Canada.

Most cities in Siberia exist because the communist leaders decided to build them to exploit natural resources. Once built, Russians were rounded up and forced to move.

Siberia contains the largest flat plain in the world.

From east to west, Siberia covers nine time zones while the continental United States covers three.

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