Lindsay Lohan – From Rehab To Poor House?

It’s being reported that Lindsay Lohan is in need of some serious mullah.

It’s not surprising, really. I mean designer rehab is pretty pricey, and doing it three times can put a heavy strain on ones bank account; even if that bank account was gigantic to begin with.

So just how much does it cost for our favorite recovering coke whore – I mean addict – Lindsay Lohan?

Her stints in rehab are being reported as costing $137,000, with legal fees in the thousands. Of course, that’s after she blew through a million dollars on clothes, $70,000 on her hair and fake-bake tanning, $350,000 on cars, $500,000 on partying, and another million on one hotel bill. I’m assuming that her booze and blow is covered under ‘partying.’

Lindsay Lohan said last week that her time in rehab humbled her and that she is going to make a positive change in her life. I’ll believe it when I see it.

If the rumors of money troubles are true, poor little Lindsay Lohan will have to start from scratch, after having been on top for so long. Now that’s humbling!

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3 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan – From Rehab To Poor House?”
  1. Mighty Mo Says:

    No @@@@!!! I feel for her, but we could all use a dose of humility (imo) then perhaps the world would be a better place.

    Hard to believe she’s in need of dough, but then she DID party a lot, had all those expensive cars and all the trappings of a young Hollywood starlet. She probably didn’t have a manager or accountant that looked out for HER BEST INTEREST. Wait, did Dina Lohan manage her daughter? Hmm…

    Start from scratch (not the kind you snort) Lindsay. You have youth on your side and you have talent. Stick with what you’re good at; acting. Leave the singing until you’re well established in the biz. By then you might be old enough for Hollywood to pass you by and go for the next of the young celebs to rise up and crash. For you, only time will tell.

    Godspeed to ya, Lindsay.

  2. JCW Says:

    My heart positively aches for her. No… Wait… that was just gas.
    I suspect that were she to liquidate all her assets she’s still got a net worth of well over a million – at the very least.

    It’s awful hard to feel sorry for people who squander such good fortune, even if they are messed up kids. Not unlike Brit Brit, I suspect Lynds would do better to move to the suburbs and live a private life.

  3. hesslei Says:

    Lindsay Lohan’s first auditions for television work did not go well; by the time she tried out for a Duncan Hines commercial, she told her mother that she would give up if she did not get the job. She was hired, and went on to appear in over 60 commercials, including a Jell-O spot with Bill Cosby.