21st Annual Bridge School Benefit.

“Life if life, Eddie Veder!” Thus begins glorious memories of the Bridge School Benefit concert held annually at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA.

Rain or shine, performers running the gamut of music talent and style come to play unplugged for an audience of thousands; all in support of the kids at the Bridge School in San Francisco.

This year’s performers include, Tom Waits, John Mayer, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Metallica.

Going around the table with my friends and fellow Benefit attendees, we shared some of our favorite memories of concerts past.

My favorite memory, which I have actually incorporated into my life as a daily mantra, was when a young man obviously happy with drink, yelled to the stage as Eddie Veder was talking about his children, “Life is life, Eddie Veder!” I don’t think he knew just how right he is.

Favorite memories belonging to my friends are just as grand….

Billy Idol riding the pony. Billy is one of those singers who you love but never really thought about seeing live. It was a nice treat. – K

In 2000, as Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers performed for a crowd of soaked fans, he told the story of when President Bush asked Tom if he could use “Won’t Back Down” as a part of his campaign, and Tom proudly said NO. – R

Another favorite is from a concert of rain as well. Paul McCartney was set to play and it seemed like forever before he came out. Finally, having enough of the constant falling water and feeling like an old sponge sitting on the side of a sink, people began to leave, “eh, it’s only Paul McCartney.” – J

Last year Trent Rezor gave an absolutely epic performance!!! With music especially written for the concert complete with cellos. It was like nothing else. – A

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