I Voted Today. After Being Held In A Basement.

Today I was a good little American. Not only did I vote (gee, I wonder for whom), but I also spent seven hours in the basement of my county’s courthouse waiting to be called for jury duty. Waiting, and waiting. And yep, you guessed it, I was never called. The little fu*ker took a plea and those of us assigned to his case were basically told thanks but no thanks.

What a colossal waste of a day! I know, I know, I should just be proud that I have the right to be on a jury, but man! Seven hours for nothing?? Beyond anything, it was just annoying to have to be there all day.

While we were being held jury-hostage, the TV was on CNN with Election Day coverage; they visited polling places with lines that were hours long, talked to first time voters, and discussed what the early numbers mean (basically nothing). It was pretty boring, but I suppose it was better than daytime talk shows or soap operas; and it did get me pretty hyped to vote.

Once I was finally released I drove straight to my polling place and cast my ballot. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the real and final numbers to come in. This was not my first time voting in a presidential election, but it is the first time I actually have goose bumps thinking about the outcome.

I’ve joked about moving to a different country if John McCain wins, but some celebrities might actually do it!

Seal, Susan Sarandon and Michael Stipe are a few other celebrities who have said they will flee the US under a Republican government. Akon was quoted saying;

“If he (Obama) doesn’t get into office, I am going to change my citizenship. I am moving back to Africa. You can hold me to that. I am afraid to live there if he (McCain) is President.

Akon isn’t fond of McCain but he’s equally skeptical of his running mate Sarah Palin.

“I don’t think he is going to last 8 years so she’s definitely going to be President. Oh my goodness – that’s scarier.”

Bitten and Bound

Moby takes it a bit further on his website…

if mccain wins on tuesday I think you might see a mass exodus of educated, progressive americans to canada, o canada.
Or australia. Or new zealand. Or the uk. Or france. Or scandanavia. Or germany. Or the netherlands. Or belgium. Or spain. Or japan. Or any of the other relatively sane and progressive countries on the planet.
Which begs a question for right-wing republicans: if mccain loses and you want to protest and leave america, where will you go?

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