Sharon Osbourne Attacks!

And if what they’re saying is true, I don’t blame her one bit.

Here’s the story….

Reality show whore Megan Hauserman, who has appeared on Beauty and the Geek, Rock of Love, I Love Money, and Charm School is alleging that during the Charm School reunion show last Saturday night, Sharon Osbourne jumped off the crazy train, ran across the room, and attacked. Megan claims that Sharon grabbed her weave, err, I mean hair, and refused to let go, and that Sharon kept going until security finally pulled the two apart. Megan Hauserman went to the hospital the next afternoon, and filed a report with the LAPD Sunday evening.

And why did Sharon Osbourne attack Megan Hauserman?

According to Megan, Sharon took a verbal shot at her – Megan responded by telling Sharon Osbourne that she’s only famous for managing a brain dead rock star; to which Sharon responded by going medieval on Megan’s head.

Although I don’t condone violence, I can certainly appreciate a good chick fight – and this one was a doozy; I can’t wait until the video of it hits the airwaves. And in my personal opinion, Megan totally deserved it. I mean, how dare she say such a thing to the one and only Sharon Osbourne. Seriously.

Check out the gnarly picture of Megan’s head HERE.

Adrienne Curry, another reality show veteran, blogged today about her friend who saw the whole thing told her.

A friend of mine attended the taping of Charm School Rock Of Love Reunion the other day. Megan, the prissy stuck up @@@@@y hot chick that wants to be Paris Hilton got her ass beat by Sharon! I guess she decided that ripping on a woman who is 1898837337375357 times more amazing and classy than you’s husband (who happens to be the F@@king Prince Of Darkness) is a GOOD idea! She told Sharon that she was married to a brain dead drug addict. Sharon poured her shake on the broads head and then beat the @@@@ out of her. You might as well threaten The President Elect!

Sharon is a Tyrant in the industry. She is well respected by just about everyone. She is NOT someone you f@@k with. Congrats, Charm School chick…whatever career you MAY have once had is up in smoke. Watch, I bet the chick sues Sharon, hence making her public enemy number one. If you got beat up by a broad 30+ years older than you, take it like a f@@king woman and leave it be. You deserved it.

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7 Responses to “Sharon Osbourne Attacks!”
  1. eva carmona Says:


  2. bella Says:

    hello people sharons whole thing this whole time was NO violance the first time she gets mad what does she do oh yeah what a good example how charming is the host of charm school i dont care who she is or who she is married to practice what you preach

  3. Say What? Says:

    Come on… Sharon fired the first shot in this feud. Not very classy or charming Sharon!

  4. sailasimone Says:

    Whether Megan is a whore who got what she deserved is beside the issue. Sharon Osbourne committed an illegal act against another human being. That’s against the law and she should pay.
    She should also practice what she preached because she could use a lil charm schooling.

  5. REETAGO Says:

    Sharon is a two faced old hagg!! Megan needs to take legal action and take that hypocrites money…. I’d buy me some new hair…huh how u like that SHARON !!! HAGGG!!!

  6. Bere Says:

    I really thing megan got what she deserved…..and Sharon you rock!!!!f**k what others say

  7. S3D@ Says:

    i think sharon should be punished.. although what megan said was mean, sharon shouldn’t have hit her for it…she gets what she deserves and if megan is really the person she partrays on tv then megan will most definitely get what she wants…shouldn’t have fell into the trap sharon sorry!