Woody Harrelson Attacks TMZ Photographer, Takes Camera, Attacks Again.

Ok, I understand that celebrities grow tired of cameras in their face and people following them around.

But come on! Does it really call for assault?

Last night at New York’s La Guardia airport a TMZ photographer spotted Woody Harrelson, so he did his job and followed the actor while asking questions.

That’s when things took a crazy turn.

First Woody shoved the camera into the photog’s eye, causing it to temporarily stop recording. The video comes back for a second before the screen goes black; you can hear Woody Harrelson attacking the cameraman and ripping the camera out of the photographer’s hands.

Woody Harrelson then smashes the camera on the ground and walks off. The photographer follows Woody saying that the actor has assaulted him, and demands that Woody give the camera back.

Woody then attacked the TMZ photog again, striking him several times and grabbing his neck. The attack was recorded on the photographer’s flip cam.

Throughout the scuffle, the photographer repeats over and over that Woody is assaulting him and pleads for him to stop.

N.Y. Port Authority police are investigating.

I watched the video, and Woody Harrelson clearly assaults the TMZ photog. I wonder if Woody will be charged like Kanye West was.

Woody Harrelson Attacks TMZ Photog Twice VIDEO.

This is not the first time Woody Harrelson has attacked a TMZ cameraman. In 2006 he choked the cameraman and broke his camera.

woody harrelson mugshot 1982
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5 Responses to “Woody Harrelson Attacks TMZ Photographer, Takes Camera, Attacks Again.”
  1. Cabron Says:

    While Woody commited an “assault”, the paparazzo commited a “Non authorized use of image”, “stalking” and “harm to privacy”. Everyone would do the same trying to protect his daughter. Serves the dude right.

  2. Hilary Shepherd Says:

    There is no excuse for violence or destruction of private property. What sort of example does that send to Woody’s daughter? That it’s okay to attack people and destroy their stuff?

  3. Why2key Says:

    The photographer kept following him and deserved more than he got – he was provoking and aggravating the situation, obviously so he can sue.

    As far as Woody being charged like Kanye, that sounds like a veiled racist remark to me.

    Paparazzi should have to stay 200 feet away from anyone they are reporting on.
    Celebrities are private citizens when not working.

  4. Hilary Shepherd Says:


    How dare you accuse me of being racist!

    Me asking if Woody will be charged like Kanye was has to do with the fact that Woody broke someone’s camera, just like Kanye did.

    It has NOTHING to do with skin color. Please enlighten me on how you feel that is racist? Or did you just say that to say it?

  5. Rawbee Says:

    Is kanye some kind of hip new racial slur?! I’m going to use that one.

    “Yaw dang stinky kanyes, with their kanye hair and their kanye clothes eatin all that dang kanye food taking up all our jobs cloggin up our transprtation systems with their kanye driving! They need to go back to Viat-Kanye where they belong!”