Brittany Murphy Death – Accident Waiting To Happen

According to the owner of Eddie’s Pharmacy in Los Angeles, Brittany Murphy and her family were cut off from pharmacy services just four months before Brittany’s death because he “thought there was going to be an accident.”

And why would he think such a thing?

Oh, I don’t know ….. maybe because the actress – who used the alias Lola Manilow Murphy – was receiving no fewer than 200 pills a month between Jan ’08 and Aug ’09. A month!! And sometimes it was as many as 400 pills a month.

That’s. Just. Insane.

Pharmacy records show that Brittany Murphy was filling prescriptions for hydrocodone (Vicodin), clonazepam and Klonopin (anti-anxiety), and Vicoprofen (a Vicodin/ibuprofen combo) on a regular basis; sometimes even doubling up on some in certain months.

The same records show that one month Murphy was prescribed 200 hydrocodone and 100 clonazepam; with another month showing 300 Vicoprofen and 100 Klonopin were prescribed.

Somewhat surprising – since doctor shopping is all the rage – is that all the pills were prescribed by the same doctor, Dr. Richard Kroop. According to sources, investigators paid the doctor a little visit last Friday afternoon.

Brittany Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack admitted that he, his wife and her mom all used aliases when obtaining prescriptions from Eddie’s Pharmacy, but insists that it was they who cut off the Pharmacy, saying, “You know how this town is. We’re the ones who cut Eddie’s Pharmacy off.”

I have one thing to say to that ….. yeah right!! Sorry Monjack, but I’m going with the Pharmacy’s version of events on this one.

That’s a friggin’ huge amount of drugs to have and consume each month. Crazy. Just crazy.

Is prescription drug addiction a big enough problem yet to consider it an epidemic? It certainly should be.