Octomom Nadya Suleman Hates Attention So She’s Doing A Reality Show

Okay Nadya Suleman, your selfish narcissistic need to be in the spotlight and the compulsion to do whatever it takes to stay there, has gone too far.

No, nay, never you said. There’s just no way you would do it you said. You could never do a reality show – your whole life is your babies.

And fame and fortune, apparently.

In what is obviously a desperate move to say relevant, Nadya “Octomom” Suleman has signed on to do a reality show.

Yes, the clearly crazy mother of 14 thinks having cameras follow her around while she “looks for love” is a good idea.

Think Jon and Kate Plus 8 meets The Bachelorette. With a little bit of Blind Date psychosis thrown in for good measure, I’m sure.

Well you know what? I say bring it on Octomom!

Humiliate yourself in front of the whole world. Prove to us beyond a doubt that you’re completely unstable and in no way able to care for one child, let alone fourteen.

And what sort of men are going to audition for this show? Ones that want to be famous as badly as Nadya Suleman does, no doubt. That’s gonna be an interesting group. Eww.

The whole idea of a reality show for this woman disgusts me. The only reality TV show I would watch Octomom on, would be Cops. Or Intervention on A&E.

Yeah…Intervention…Nadya Suleman needs to have an intervention for her addiction to spawning.

octomom nadya suleman reality show
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One Response to “Octomom Nadya Suleman Hates Attention So She’s Doing A Reality Show”
  1. mama Says:

    well it just seems like she is jealous of kate so she is goin to try to out do kate.

    kate had twins nd sextuplets
    nadya had octuplets nd 6 prior

    kate had john
    octomom is tryin to be the strong independent single mom(which is hard with one bby let alone 14)

    its wrong cause both women kate nd nadya are using their children too get famous nd get rich

    there is nothing wrong wit in vitro but dont say yur doin everything natural when there is nothin natural wit in vitro