Carrie Prejean Sued By PR Firm For NonPayment

Just when you thought Carrie Prejean went back under the rock from whence she came, she’s back – and she’s being sued.

Oh yeah! Music to my ears.

So back when Carrie Prejean was busy putting her foot in her mouth and speaking out against opposite marriage, she hired a PR firm to represent her. Well apparently she didn’t pay them – and for some crazy reason they’re not happy about that.

Prejean hired A. Larry Ross Communications, which billed over $64,000, last year to help with image and public relations consulting after her gay marriage mess.

… the PR firm has filed suit against the painful Prejean looking for their money. We’d love to say there’s no way she could talk her way out of this, but this is Carrie Prejean. She basically tried to argue that God loves fake boobs.

What did Carrie think? That she didn’t have to pay the firm if they didn’t do the job she wanted them to? That only works with plumbers.

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carrie prejean sued by pr firm
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