Miss California Carrie Prejean – Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

The Miss USA pageant was on last night. I attempted to watch it but when the girls came out “dancing” to “That’s Not My Name” and I saw how horribly awkward and uncomfortably stiff so many of them looked I couldn’t stand it and had to move on.

Apparently I didn’t really miss anything until the end when Judge Perez Hilton asked Miss California Carrie Prejean how she felt about Vermont becoming the fourth state to legalize same-sex marriage; a fair enough question in today’s world, but perhaps a bit of a touchy subject.

Now, seeing how the Miss USA pageant is a beauty pageant, you would think Carrie Prejean would give a typical beauty pageant answer – diplomatic and vague.

But you would be wrong.

If you’re like me and have wondered what sort of California resident voted yes on Prop 8 last November, Carrie Prejean is it.

“We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage. And you know what, I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that’s how I was raised.” [Source]

Miss California did not win the crown and title of Miss USA; that went to Miss North Carolina.

After the show, Perez Hilton made a video blog of his reaction to Miss California’s answer and what he thinks is the real reason she didn’t win. His opinion may surprise you.

[Video Source]

13 Responses to “Miss California Carrie Prejean – Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot”
  1. jerryr Says:

    The most despicable thing about this incident is that Perez Hilton used the pageant as a venue to shove his issues down our throats and Miss California was merely collateral damage. I’m happy she had the moral fiber to be honest. The biggest mistake appears to be the pageant managements decision to invite a gay activists to be a judge at a female beauty pageant. Politically correct maybe….. but mind boggling stupidity.

    The Miss America pageant is the big looser. I can’t believe that one of the organizers expressed sadness in Miss California’s reply. Since when is telling the truth something to be sad about. Our politically correct society is SAD and the Miss America pageant appears to be about puppets who are suppose to repeat the doctrine. Good for you Carrie!!

  2. jodie Says:

    There you have it folks. Miss USA will always be chosen on political and religious viewpoints. Forget the talent and beauty portion of the show. I applaud Carrie Prejean for standing firm to her opinion no matter what the cost. It is no longer popular being a Christian in America. This country has largely lost its moral compass. To Carrie Prejean, I say thank you and God bless you. I found your courage inspirational. America needs more people like you. It’s Perez Hilton who made a fool of himself going on an emotional tirade on the Internet and slandering her name until he was blue in the face.

  3. Mike Says:

    Thank God fate had Carrie Prejean select the card from Perez Hilton. Because Carrie comes across as intellectually sincere the public got an honest answer to this loaded question; the other contestants may have probably given the “PC” answer just to mollify Hilton and others of his ilk.

  4. jerryr Says:

    There is another amusing side to this whole thing. Apparently Miss California is being rejected by her friends and pageant managers. They must be affraid that other contestants will break free of the Stepford trance and start to answer honestly. Imagine the down fall of the political correct puppets …… how will the far left continue to suppress free expression.

  5. simmy Says:

    Carrie Prejean is a sincere Christian. She answered a very controversial question from her heart. People criticize her saying she should have given a neutral answer but that is just another way of hiding the truth. She chose to answer truthfully knowing full well it would cost her the crown. That is extremely rare especially in today’s society of self-centered ambition. Her character speaks volumes about what it really means to be a Christian. Carrie Prejean is the real winner in this scenario.

  6. Hilary Shepherd Says:

    High five sister friend!!

  7. bill Says:

    i agree with soo. anyone who hides behind the bible to justify their beliefs is wrong. The bible says that you should not alter your body that GOD gave you. so the fake boobs and lip injections and bad dye job i think qualify. The bible also condones slavery.
    BAck to the whole question and answer part. She just sounded so dumb(like i expected otherwise). IN my country we support opposite marriage WTF is she moving to Texas(they want to seceed) why not say traditional marriage. what is opposite marriage, I am opposite from my dog and we cant get married. Well at least when she is done with college she can go work for FOX NEWS. cuase the Facist Obnoxious Xenophobe channel has a lot of crazy talk like beck

  8. Brandelynn Says:

    Donald Trump has broken his silence.

    The owner of the Miss Universe franchise finally addressed the scandal surrounding his Miss USA pageant to FOX News Thursday, saying that he has received thousands of calls and letters, the majority of which support Miss California’s comments on gay marriage.

    Trump had been mum during the firestorm that followed the Sunday telecast, when first runner up Carrie Prejean’s responded to a question about the controversial issue of gay marriage.

  9. Brandelynn Says:

    Yaaay Carrie, way to stick up for what you believe!!!! Her family AND friends all support her. Perez whatever his name is should crawl in a hole and buy himself hes gross, fat and DISGUSTING. If he’s not prepared to hear an answer they Paris you fat loser, you shouldn’t ask it. Typical of the LGBT BUlly movement. Hahaha, go Carrie, we LOVE YOU!!!!

    Carrie Prejean is the most famous runner-up in Miss USA history.

    In an exclusive interview with FOXNews.com’s Courtney Friel, Miss California says her phone has been ringing off the hook with people offering her support after she took on a question about gay marriage on Sunday night’s Miss USA telecast.

    “I have no regrets about answering [judge Perez Hilton] honestly,” she said in one of her first interviews following the show, where she answered that she was against gay marriage becoming legal in California. “He asked me for my opinion and I gave it to him. I have nothing against gay people and I didn’t mean to offend anyone in my answer.”

    In her interview, Prejean talks about being “tested” by God, the outpouring of support, and the first thing she and her family did after the show. (Hint, it involves ketchup and mustard.)

  10. Kippy Says:

    Not that anyone cares but I know Carrie. I have known her for about 11 years. I know her family. I don’t want to say anything to knock her because I’m happpy she has made a name for herself. I will say that I never knew she was a “Christian” girl. That’s the part that bother’s me. I don’t care that she expressed her opinion but it is a bit weird that I’ve never known her to be so into the bible. He mother has been married many times and has had no problem with affairs. I really could care less and I like them both; I just don’t understand the religious stuff that has come up? Makes no sense…. I’m perplexed?????

  11. feb Says:

    >>>oh please, just because she’s against gay marriages, she’s a good christian??? wtf?? first of all, will a true “conservative christian”<<<

    Gee that’s funny “soo”. No Post here mentions that “Against Gays = Good Christian” . And no one even knows what her religious beliefs are.

    People commenting were talking about her Honesty and Sticking up for what she believes in. She shouldn’t have to bend to others wills and be bullied into a view she doesn’t have to agree with.

    And then to bash on her in such a disgusting manner, shows how you can’t handle criticism, and it shows that you are on the same level as Mario Lavandeira (Perez Hilton). That anyone who disagrees with you is somehow plan evil.

    Mario Lavandeira is no “Gay Rights Activist”. He is not very well liked within the gay community. And if his little tantrum doesn’t show you why that is, then I can’t help you.

  12. MPS Says:

    To All Of The Haters Of Ms. California:

    1) Miss Calif. answered a question that asked for HER personal opinion – So Honesty In Answering A Tough Question Now Means Nothing?

    2) Miss Calif. answered a tough question in a measured thoughtful manner trying not to offend anyone. She had the presence of mind to know that public opinions over gay marriage, like abortion, religion, gun control, and (sadly) free speech, are all subjects that raise great passion in some people – So Care & Consideration Of Others Now Means Nothing When Answering Tough Questions?

    3) Ms. Calif. did not make an issue over her personal opinions and beliefs until an ignorant internet buffoon choose to call her out in a rude and vulgar manner – So Standing Up For Yourself & Your Beliefs In A Professional Manner Is Now Forbidden?

    4) Miss Calif. was already known as a model when she first entered Miss Calif. & later Miss USA. Pictures Similar To Those Seen in Cosmo, Vanity Fair and Countless Other Major Print Media Publications. It was already know Miss Calif. had “enhancement” work done prior to being a contestant in Miss USA. Just Like Scores Of Women Doing The Same On Extreme Makeover and De. 90210. So A Bunch Of Moderately “Sexy” Pictures & Scathing Ad Homonym Attacks Is The Best That Any Of You, P.Z., B.M., or K.O. Can Offer To Bolster Your Arguments & Denigrate Hers?

    It’s sad & pathetic to see that when people have no argument the best they can do is demonize those with whom they disagree! How easy and intolerant of all of you to dismiss people who don’t think or believe the way you do – It allows all of you to remain ignorant and unable to articulate an argument that might otherwise be able to change another persons mind….

  13. soo Says:

    wow, the amount of idiots here is staggering. i rest my case.