Is Carmen Electra Pregnant Or Just Being Modest?

Is Carmen Electra Pregnant?

Yes. No. Maybe so.

Carmen Electra has never been one to shy away from wearing a bikini (or less), so it was a bit of a surprise when she showed up at the MGM Grand’s Wet Republic pool in Las Vegas wearing a long blue sun dress.

Carmen was there with her fiancé Rob Patterson to celebrate her 37th birthday and to mark the return of Wet Republic’s “Daylife Sundays.”

carmen electra rob patterson
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At one point TMZ got Carmen Electra on tape dancing with a bunch of bikini-clad chicks, and yet she still kept the dress on. VIDEO

There are several reasons why Carmen Electra might be wearing a full dress at a sexy event in Las Vegas – maybe all her bikinis were dirty, or maybe she’s PMSing and bloated, or maybe her fiancé Rob Patterson beats her and she was covering up bruises. Or, maybe she is indeed pregnant.

There’s one way to know for sure.

Wait for Carmen’s rep to release a statement saying how happy Carmen Electra and Rob Patterson are to announce they are having a baby.

Or we give it a little more time – if Carmen Electra shows up at her next three events wearing a loose dress or something like it, then yes, she’s pregnant.

is carmen electra pregnant
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