Was David Carradine Killed By Transsexual Prostitutes?

The circumstances surrounding David Carradine’s death are just getting weirder and weirder.

David Winters, a producer friend of Carradine’s believes the actor died at the hands of transsexual hookers.

Winters tells Globe magazine, “David Carradine was murdered… I strongly believe Lady Boys are responsible. Lady Boys operate in pairs. David would not have stood a chance. They can be very brutal…I want to see those tapes. My suspicion is they’ve already been doctored.”

The magazine also reports that they are working with a retired FBI agent named Ted Gunderson to uncover more information.

Gunderson agrees with Winters, saying, “I believe he met two Lady Boys in the hotel bar… They are flirtatious, desperate for money and would have zeroed in on a celebrity like Carradine.” Gunderson believes the hookers drugged Carradine, hung him and then staged the scene so it would look like a suicide.

Both David Winters and Ted Gunderson think a mystery footprint reportedly found on Carradine’s bed is the best clue yet. Gunderson adds, “One of the Lady Boys may have stepped behind him, looped a length of rope around Carradine’s neck and strangled him.”


Whoa! That is the craziest theory on David Carradine’s death I have heard thus far.

I wonder if the Lady Boys have their own bathrooms at the hotel bar, like there is at the Kampang Secondary School in Thailand.

Kampang is proud of its toilets. Spotless, and surrounded by flowering tropical plants, they have won national awards for cleanliness.

But there is something else about them too. Between the girls’ toilet and the boys’, there is one signposted with a half-man, half-woman figure in blue and red.

This is the transsexual toilet, and outside, in front of the mirrors, some decidedly girly-looking teenage boys preen their hair and apply face cream.


transsexual toilet sign

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