Shoplifting Couple Brags To Dr. Phil – Now Going To Jail

The next time you’re thinking about all the stupid people in the world, be sure to remember Matthew and Laura Eaton from Southern California.

Not only are they chronic shoplifters and thieves, they went on the Dr. Phil show and bragged about making $100,000 on eBay by selling stolen toys. Seriously. And they’re faces were blurred out or anything (video below).

Then the craziest thing happened – the police caught up with them! I guess that happens when you go on national television and basically dangle a carrot in front of law enforcement.

And now they’re going to jail.

Apparently the couple was under investigations for shoplifting, but the police didn’t know how far reaching their thievery was – or how large – until they went on the Dr. Phil show.

After both pleaded guilty to conspiracy to transport stolen property across state lines, Matthew Eaton, 34, was sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Irma Gonzalez to 2 years 3 months behind bars, while his wife Laura Eaton, 27, was sentenced to only a year. Laura stopped stealing after their appearance, but Matthew did not – hence the longer jail sentence.

Matthew Eaton told the judge he regretted going on “Dr. Phil.”

“I hurt myself. I hurt my family,” he said. “I was shoplifting. I don’t deny that at all.”

Uh, gee, ya think?

The Eatons were arrested last September, nearly a year after they appeared on the show and claimed they made as much as $3,500 a week by selling stolen goods.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Nicole Acton Jones said the Eatons stole hundreds of boxes of Lego toys. Laura Eaton used the three children as a distraction, while her husband stole the items, the prosecutor said …

Attorney Leila Morgan, who represents Matthew Eaton, told the judge the couple contacted the “Dr. Phil” show with the hope of getting help with their financial situation but came away with just three books signed by Phil McGraw, the host of the show.

And a jail sentence! Don’t forget about that!