Michael Lohan Urges Lindsay Lohan To Enter Rehab Via Media

Wow, the Lohan clan just gets nuttier and nuttier, don’t they?

Michael Lohan held a news conference today, giving his daughter Lindsay Lohan an ultimatum to either voluntarily enter rehab for prescription drug abuse, or go by force. He says the train wreck actress will go to rehab whether she wants to or not, and pleas for Lindsay to not turn away help.

Claiming that Lindsay never abused drugs before his divorce from her mother, Michael Lohan says he doesn’t want his daughter to end up like Brittany Murphy or DJ AM; he wants her out of Hollywood and thinks she should enter rehab in Long Island.

Although he is correct that Lindsay Lohan needs extreme help extremely soon, Michael Lohan is still a fame whore and is obviously using this as an opportunity to hear his own voice and keep himself in the spotlight.

Dina Lohan is the only family member to react to Michael’s little press conference so far, refusing to join him on his quest to “save” their out-of-control daughter. Lindsay Lohan has yet to say anything about her father’s latest stunt, but I’m sure she’ll tweet some craziness about it soon.

While we await her response, enjoy the below video of Michael’s public please for Lindsay Lohan to go to rehab.