Rumors Of A Madonna Divorce. Again.

Last night it was babies. Tonight it’s divorce. Or at least actions that look like steps towards divorce. Although it is Hollywood, where nothing is ever what it seems, so who knows.

First up, Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman; are the new parents heading towards the path of separation? Rumor has it that Jordan is pretty sick and tired of Christina’s new found love of partying and club hopping.

“Jordan’s sick to death of her partying, it’s causing a huge strain on their marriage. He’s at his wits’ end and he doesn’t know what to do.” Christina Aguilera’s Marriage On The Rocks?!

christina aguilera jordan bratman divorce rumors

Next are Madonna and her husband of eight years, film director Guy Ritchie. Talk of separation and divorce has followed this couple since day one, but now the gossip may actually be true.

Sources have revealed exclusively to Holy Moly that Madonna has hired Britain’s toughest divorce lawyer, Nicholas Mostyn QC, to kick start divorce proceedings against her husband of eight years, Guy Ritchie…

Long standing rumours of a rift between the couple are finally confirmed with this news, as Holy Moly’s sources suggest nothing more than “growing apart” as the reason for the split. They have spent increasing amounts of time apart with both Madonna’s new album and tour and Guy’s revived movie career are cited as reasons. The adoption of David Banda attracted a huge wave of negative publicity, allegedly putting further strain on the relationship. [Holy Moly]

madonna guy ritchie divorce rumors

On a side note: I’m going to see Madonna on her Sticky &Sweet Tour this November in Oakland, CA. I don’t really know any of her music anymore, but sh*t, it’s Madonna; anyone my age would be an idiot to pass up such a chance. And I, in case you haven’t figured it out by now, am no idiot.

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