DWTS Judge Bruno Tonioli Tells George Lopez Kate Is Crap

I don’t know what George Lopez give his late night talk show guests in the green room while they wait, but it sure makes celebrities act really weird and say odd things. First there was Jennifer Love Hewitt telling George about her sparkly lady parts, and now there’s Dancing with the Stars judge Bruno Tonioli sharing what he really thinks of Kate Gosselin’s dancing skills.

Bruno had quite a bit to say about dance-disaster Kate Gosselin, and I cannot say that I disagree.

The 54-year-old Italian choreographer called the mother of eight “pretty dreadful” and that “she’s crap.” As the audience laughed Bruno quickly tried to recover with, “but in a nice way.”

“She is entertaining,” Bruno admitted. “People like disaster movies. We’ve got our own disaster movie there everyday.”

I’m sorry, I know what he said can be construed as mean, but Bruno had me in stitches. Shoot he’s just calling a spade, a spade.

For all Bruno’s criticism, he does have to admit that Kate is taking it on the chin, and seems to ignore his nastiness. “She’s a tough cookie,” he told host George Lopez. “She gets it in the face, she comes back and she tries to get better… but it doesn’t really work….”